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“Music and food have always been my passion. Even in my younger days as a chef traveling in Europe and Asia, I would always make time to check out the latest clubbing scenes and restaurants. I first heard about Café Del Mar when I was already in Asia and I’ve always had high regards for José who basically spiraled Ibiza and Balearic chill out music to global recognition.


When I built Marini’s on 57, I was spending so much time on top of the building and realized that the view of the city was remarkable and unrivalled by views from any other buildings in and around Kuala Lumpur. As the evening progresses, Marini’s on 57 becomes a vantage point where some of the most beautiful sunset pictures of the city have been taken from our bar.


In 2012, as the cornerstone for the bar, I introduced “Sunset Hours” where I wanted my guests to be able to enjoy a mix of delicate cocktails, chill out music and a sunset vista never before seen and experienced in the heart of Kuala Lumpur City Centre. Instinctively, when the time came for me to decide who would be the best person to work with for Marini’s first music album, it had to be José.  The synergy and the whole philosophy behind his music direction synchronises with mine and to be able to create a track of music which conveys Marini’s Sunset Hours appeal and to be able to share it with the world is my ultimate ambition. With Sunset Hours Vol. One, and the realisation of my dreams to work with José, I hope to share with countless others, the amazing and original creations of Sunset Hours, elevating them to a whole new high.” – Modesto Marini
The Sunset Hours Vol. One album includes music from Trevor Deep JR, Mark Barrott, 40 Thieves, Cantoma, Osunlade, No Logo and Jose Padilla himself with an exclusive track. The album  was also launched in Ibiza, Spain on 20 June 2014, and will be available at various record stores in Europe, Malaysia, iTunes, Google Play and many of the worlds top download stores and music streaming services.




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