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10 Cocktails for Every Occassion

10 Cocktails for Every Occassion


10 Cocktails for Every Occassion

When one does not fancy strong and masculine liquor such as Glenlivet whisky or Bacardi rum, having cocktails whipped up for you are likely the best kinds of drinks to help satisfy your taste buds. Most of today’s most popular cocktails are generally variations of iconic drinks. Besides the ever-changing recipes, the liquor used has become increasingly defined. Heightening the pleasure of each savoury cocktail. The elegant appearance and extraordinary experience of a fine cocktail naturally defines the characteristics of a person and the moment of relishing their heavenly beverage.

From the sophisticated Martini, to the powerful Bloody Mary, plenty of cocktails are available for everyone. However, cocktails just like fashion, tend to run on a cycle. Being popular in one era, could mean being outdated in the next. But just like a pair of flared jeans, they re-emerge several years later, with a modern twist.

There will always be a fair share of patrons who will consistently order Martinis, Mimosas, or Tequila Sunrise. Although the following cocktails are far trendier, and some you may never have heard of before, these incredibly decadent tipples, are served in glamorous and fancy bars all around the globe. From Sydney to London, New York to Singapore, and even in Malaysia, these newly prepared cocktails feature some of the most expensive highly rated liquor.

1. “Jungle Bird”, available at Marini’s on 57 in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.
Since tiki drinks are making an incredible comeback, Marini’s on 57 has its very own signature variation of the iconic “Jungle Bird”. Invented in Kuala Lumpur in the 1970s, this age old classic lives up to a currently exploding tiki cocktail trend. At Marini’s on 57 the “Jungle Bird” is being made with only the finest and imported of ingredients, and by the most sought after mixologists in Malaysia. This exceptional tipple definitely hits the tiki theme that everyone is currently enjoying.

“I would have to say a Jungle Bird cocktail would be my ‘it’ cocktail right now,” -Bill Brooks, beverage director at Resto and the Cannibal in New York City.

Eau De Vie Sydney

2. “Ron Zacapa Blazer”, available at Eau de Vie, Sydney and Melbourne, Australia.
This extravagant cocktail is a unique blend of one of the worlds finest rums, Ron Zacapa, which is flamed alongside Perdo Ximenez sherry. The process consists of pouring the premium liquors back and forth between two silver chalices, until it has cooled down enough to pour into a cocktail glass. The fabulously spicy orange peel and cinnamon certainly give this delicate concoction an unforgettable taste.

3. “Forever Young”, available at the Artesian Hotel Bar at The Langham, London, UK.
This is a drink with history, inspired by the novel The Picture of Dorian Grey, it comes in a glass that is hidden behind a mirror. And as if that is not special enough, it is scented with opium incense. Mysteriously hidden inside are Grey Goose Vodka, Martini Extra Dry, eucalyptus, Maraschino and citrus. Here presentation is just as important as taste.

4. “Dropje Daiquiri”, available at the Tippling Club in Singapore.
Next to creative, innovate, and scrumptious food, the Tippling Club serves magnificent cocktails. And the result is not only seen and experienced, but most importantly tasted. The “Dropje Daiquiri” is a variation on the classic iconic daiquiri. This trendy and ultra-chic bar uses salted licorice from Holland, and infuses it into a Venezuelan rum, orange curaçao and citrus.

5. “The Versailles Experience”, Eau De Vie, Melbourne and Sydney, Australia.
Taking you back to the old days, when the ‘Sun King’ was a monarch that resided in the Palace of Versailles, this exclusive, and extraordinary drink will let you know what it felt like to be treated as a king. Served in an exclusive ‘Eau de Vie Absinthe Fountain’, with a cocktail on tap, this refreshing drink contains Tangueray Gin and the lethal Absinthe. Combine these with pear, lemon, apple, and mint, and enjoy your very own ‘Versailles Experience’.

6. “Cucumber Collins”, available at the Living Room at W South Beach Hotel & Residences, Florida, USA.
Their cocktail program unveiled in December 2014 gave birth to one of their most popular signatures name the “Cucumber Collins”, and has since been a star cocktail at the Living Room. It is a mix of Square One cucumber vodka, Yuzu juice, fresh lemon and blueberry-stained cucumbers that were pickled in mirin, sake, and rice wine vinegar. This cocktail is a masterpiece that resembles the workings of a chef, often due to the layered complexities of strong flavours and visuals within the cocktail, in order to stimulate both the eye and palate.

7. “Lady’s Leg Cosmopolitan”, available at Eau de Vie, Sydney and Melbourne, Australia.
Australia is greatly represented in the cocktail-scene with its divine contributions. But this cocktail is definitely one of a kind. It is prepared in a vintage cocktail shaker that was initially used in the late 1930s. It has the shape of a lady’s leg, and is completed with a high-heeled silver shoe. The cocktail replaces cranberry juice for the substitute homemade cranberry sorbet, providing the drink with a rather creamy and soft texture.

8. “White Negroni”, available at the Gin Palace, New York, USA.
With 114 proof gin, blanco vermouth, and Salers aperitif, this is undoubtedly one of the strongest cocktails on our list. Originally Wayne Collins created this cocktail in 2001 at a VinExpo. The place now to find this liquid concoction is at the Gin Palace in New York City. If you’re an aficionado of bittersweet aperitifs and Suze, this is assuredly the must-try cocktail on your bucket list.

Connaught Bar

9. “Mulata Daisy”, available at the Connaught Bar, London, UK.
A modern variation on the golden age of the 1920s, this lady-like cocktail expresses class and elegance. It combines Bacardi Superior Rum with freshly squeezed lime juice, fennel seeds, dark crème de cacao liqueur, and Galliana L’Autentico. To take you back to the golden days, this classy cocktail is served in a champagne coupe glass that has cacao powder dusted on the rim. Delicate yet rough around the edges, its very much a fashion statement and ode to the 1920s.

10. “Paloma Hermosa”, available at the Living Room at W South Beach Hotel & Residences, Florida, USA.
Tequila lovers will be delightfully thrilled when this hidden. A mixture of Tapatio Blanco tequila and St. Germain Elderflower liqueur adds a sweet touch of florals to the cocktail, while fresh grapefruit, lime, agave, and egg whites mellows the strength of the tequila. The finishing touch comes from fresh lime wheels and edible flowers that are serve as an ethereal delicate garnish to soften the impact of the liquor.

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