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Angel Champagne And It’s Popularity With Celebrities

Angel Champagne And It’s Popularity With Celebrities


Angel Champagne And It’s Popularity With Celebrities

There’s no other drink in the world that can grasp an euphoric and passionate moment compared to the moment when you pop the seal off a bottle of champagne. Champagne, like all wines, is an experience for our sensory discovery. When delicately poured, champagne sparkles with life. Champagne bubbles are delicate and fine so it’s no mistake that we drink them in an equally delicate, thin tulip-shaped glass. The scent of champagne gives out a delightful smell of aromatic wild berries and a sweet but fresh ripeness. The first sip of champagne is like crystalline pearls rolling around the palate, subsequently exploding in rich and smooth fruity flavours interlaced with hints of floral fragrance.

Who would have thought that a glass of champagne could intensify our tasting pleasures by simply bringing completeness and tranquillity?

Angel Champagne

One of the most expensive brands of champagne out there, Angel, is a boutique champagne with a distinctive brand and uniquely luxurious aesthetic. Founded by British entrepreneur, Stefano Zagni, he exclusively released the easy-drinking prestige champagne after 12 years in the making. The unique Angel taste is formed using three grape variations, namely Chardonnay, Pinot Noir and Pinot Meunier, that is perfectly blended and presented in their hand-finished designed bottles.

The Angel Champagne is so specialised that it’s made available only to discerning consumers through a list of selected distributors, and specialised partners, of which Marini’s on 57 happens to be a member of. Celebrities in fact, have shown their interest and deep enthusiasm for this absolutely grandiose champagne. Here we have listed down some iconic celebrities and their luxurious Angel Champagne stories:

1. Angel Champagne By Mariah Carey

Angel Champagne Mariah Carey became the official ambassador in the US for Angel Champagne in 2009, taking the celebrity endorsement to the next level. Mariah even invested into the brand and thus the special edition “Angel Champagne by Mariah Carey” was launched. Unsurprisingly a big-ticket price, “Angel Champagne by Mariah Carey” is limited to 24 exclusively packaged bottles summing up to £250,000’s worth. The luxuriously booze-filled bottles are dressed in true Mariah style, with a solid platinum finish and mounted in diamond-cut crystals.

Stefano, the champagne creator, stated that he sent Mariah and Nick Canon a special gift case of magnum bottles with hand-crafted name embellishments for their 1st wedding anniversary, and she expressed how much she loved it.

2. Mariah Carey’s “Obsessed” Ft Gucci Mane

Angel Champagne

Given that Mariah is now the icon of Angel Champagne, it is no surprise that the champagne was specially featured in her “Obsessed” music video in 2009. Her album “Memoirs of an Imperfect Angel” came bundled with a CD that highlighted the Angel Champagne.

3. Rihanna ”Hard” Ft Jeezy Music Video

Angel Champagne

The blingest new brand, Angel, is the bubbly that’s big among hip hoppers. Angel Champagne made a special appearance in Rihanna’s music video “Hard” featuring Jeezy, which was easily spotted up close on a gambling table scene at 2:02.

4. Sophie Monk Angel Champagne Campaign

Angel ChampagneInternational ambassador of Angel Champagne, Sophie Monk, is known to be “The Face of the Angel”. The endearing Sophie Monk was the spotlight in fashion shoots for Angel Champagne, where charming candid on-set shoots have surfaced over the internet.

5. Celebrities “
Party With A Purpose” By Angel Champagne
Angel Champagne

Angel Champagne’s ambassador Sophie Monk, in support of Australia’s Mental Health Foundation ‘Headspace’, successfully hosted a charity event called “Party For A Purpose” which was held in Voyeur Nightclub, L.A. The charitable campaign’s sole purpose was to benefit Be An Angel which invites celebrities to host an event in a prestigious venue.

Angel Champagne With Night Angel's in the CitySpread your wings and fly in style with Angel Champagne which is exclusively featured in Marini’s on 57’s one of a kind event – “WNight Angel’s In The City” that will take place this 30th March. Get ready in your flamboyant Marini’s Secret Angel outfit and indulge in the “Angelic” champagne for your joie de vivre. As you grace the party throughout the evening, you may even stand a chance to win a bottle of Angel Champagne in its own elegantly customized flight case. It’s truly the “it” event to perfectly rock away your sundown.

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