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Anna Fendi, Fashion & Fine Dining

Anna Fendi, Fashion & Fine Dining


Anna Fendi, Fashion & Fine Dining

Fashion and food, an artistic blend that sounds like unusual but is considered a heavenly combination. More and more often, this mixture becomes visible in both worlds, with fashion entering the fine dining scene on a regular bais. But we could not have been happier with these fashionable influences, as it only makes fine dining a more luxurious commodity to enjoy.

Whether it be Gucci opening its own restaurant, or Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt creating their very own Angel Champagne, these are only a few examples of FnB partnerships that make all of our lives a bit more glamorous. Recently Modesto Marini, founder of The Marini’s Group and creator of Marini’s on 57 collaborated with Anna Fendi from The House of FENDI.

Anna Fendi was born in Rome the 23rd of March, in 1933. She is not only a well-known Italian fashion designer and entrepreneur, but she is also part of the FENDI Empire that is famous world over, where she has played a fundamental role in managing and coordinating FENDI till this day.

The desirable Italian luxury fashion house is known for its exquisite creations and continues stealing the show with their designs. With its innovative, fashionable creations and worlds very first signature ‘baguette bag’, FENDI has earned its well-deserved spot in the world of fashion. Whether it is fur, leather goods, shoes, fragrances, or even eye wear, FENDI is a brand with unlimited design that oozes timelessness, and classical elegance.

And then; fashion and wine, Italy’s finest traits, come to a delightful partnership thanks to Anna Fendi. The inventive combinations produced are Velvet-Chianti Classico, Flanella with Pinot Grigio, and Plissé Soleil Chardonnay. Does it seem odd that a bottle can be called “tweed” or “cleavage”? “Alamaro” or “flannel”? “Fard” or “lamé”? Not according to Anna FENDI.

“I like these names because they belong to my world, to a life spent in atelier, and this new adventure starts right from my past,” Anna Fendi, World Famous Atelier.

The exclusive collection of wines each have their own designer label and nickname dedicated to fashion, and all bottles will all be signed “AFV”.

At the announcement of the exclusive partnership between The Marini’s Group and Anna Fendi, Modesto Marini threw an elite dinner where VIPs were invited to come enjoy a curated menu aimed at bringing out the flavours in Anna Fendi’s wine collection.

Anna Fendi and her husband Giuseppe Tedesco were present, as were Italian master jewelers Damiani, who had graced the event with a special jewelry show to add to that magical evening. As part of their CSR initiative Modesto Marini and Elizabeth Hew invited guests to partake in donating to Make a Wish Malaysia where children with terminal conditions had their wishes granted through support of generous donators.

This exclusive collaboration officially marked the expansion of the “AFV” brand into the Asian market. According to Anna Fendi, there could be no other appointed person other than Modesto Marini to collaborate with as she felt he was the only one capable of taking care of her brand name and image. Currently AVF can only be found at Marini’s on 57 and Marble 8.

“Today marks a momentous milestone for AFV as we expand our range of wines into Asia. I believe I have found the right partner to work with here in Asia. Modesto Marini has proven his acumen in building brands in Asia, especially here in Malaysia and this will be the perfect platform for us to begin our expansion,” said Anna Fendi.

With this new partnership of designer wines, Marini’s on 57 is at the forefront of keeping Malaysia abreast fashion trends along with trends in fine dining.

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