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MariGin, Unique Gin Parlour in the Heart of Kuala Lumpur

MariGin, Unique Gin Parlour in the Heart of Kuala Lumpur


The consumption of gin has increased in recent years, and is mostly due its flexibility, from being a drink that can simply be had with a dash or tonic, or concocted into a colourful cocktail. MariGin, the latest gin parlour in Kuala Lumpur seeks to combine the best of the botanical juniper berry with the exotic flavours of Malaysia. From its gin-infused Ginfusions to its gin-based cocktails, there is something for everyone at one of KL’s best kept secrets. You can see why you should mari down to MariGin.

Gin Is In

The appreciation of gin has been growing across the world, making this pungent yet delicate alcohol one of the most popular choice for the drinking elite. Gin is one of those drinks that takes some education to know how to appreciate its subtlety, with different brands infusing different botanicals in them, from lavender, to cardamom, each gin is a vessel for an amplitude of flavours. Located within a 2-minute walk from KLCC in the heart of Kuala Lumpur, MariGin, carries over 57 varieties of gin, ensuring there will be a flavour that will pique your interest.

Ripped Gin | MariGin


At MariGin, the mixologists have carefully created infused gin, laced with local flavours. From chrysanthemum and wolfberry to lemongrass and kaffir lime, flavours are extracted from famous Malaysian flavours ensuring that each drink creates a unique experience. These cocktails have been specially created to highlight the unique flavours Malaysia has to offer and uses little to no adulteration, keeping it as pure as it possibly can be. Do taste the signature Mari Gin-La made with an infusion of pandan leaves and rose petal gin for a flavour reminiscent of your childhood, for the grown up.

Gin Cocktails

MariGin’s selection of gin cocktails are a wide interpretation of creative mixology, with each cocktail bringing out a different flavour on the palate. The gin concoctions here seek to showcase interesting and contrasting flavours with an assortment of choice, from the Ginasium utilising local flavours such as kaya as well as the botanical and floral Ripped Gin, made from the Botanist gin, ginger syrup and edible flowers.

Padrino | MariGin

Gin & Tonic

A mark of a good gin bar is not only by its wide selection of gins, but also its selection of tonics. As each tonic has different flavour, quality and effervescence, it is utmost important to be able to pair the right tonic with to its appropriate gin. For those looking for a complex and mature flavour, give the Padrino a try, a Nikka Coffey Gin paired with coffee beans, and East Imperial Tonic, or for those looking for something zesty, light and fun, the Duke Of Gin would be for you with its use of Monkey 47 Gin, blueberries, grapefruit and Fever Tree Mediterranean Tonic.

Relax & Unwind

Although MariGin is furbished as a gin parlour, the establishment is anything you want it to be. With its relaxed atmosphere, pool tables and frequent pool competitions, you can see how it is the perfect place to relax after a long day. MariGin also comes equipped with beer pong tables, darts, and foosball, making MariGin unique amongst its peers.

Duke Of Gin | MariGin

Mari Down to MariGin

With its wide array of gin infusions, cocktails and bespoke artisanal tonics, you can see why this establishment is one of the best spots in town for not only a great drink, but also a relaxed environment after a long day’s work. This is all in addition to its events and activities which happens every weekend. So look no further, it really is time to mari down to MariGin.

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