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Best Luxurious Places To Hit The Slopes

Best Luxurious Places To Hit The Slopes


Best Luxurious Places To Hit The Slopes

You won’t ever find four seasons in Malaysia as sunshine and rainfall occur all year round. Basically, Malaysians have only experienced summer in our country, many of us have not seen snow before in their lives. With the heatwave that is currently going on, we would probably be overjoyed if there was a sudden snowfall in the country, unfortunately, it’s not likely to happen.

So, where can one go to experience the white stuff..?

Great news to those who plan to travel during the year end school holidays, the snowy season peaks around Jan-Feb in the northern hemisphere, but lasts until mid-late April, where you can definitely see and feel the snow. Plus, there’s no way you’re not going to experience skiing when you plan a white winter visit. A beginner or an expert, you get to plunge into the deepest powder with a rush of adrenaline speeding down steep slopes and witness incredible views from the greatest heights.

Skiing is not just limited to the northern hemisphere. Die hard ski addicts can enjoy skiing at the best slopes in different parts of the world all year round. Be it in the wild west of America, Europe, Asia or even down south New Zealand & Australia, skiing is possible throughout the year.

To add enjoyment of skiers, the “après ski” culture was introduced where any form of entertainment or social events occur while still wearing their ski gear. If you yearn to experience “après ski” with the finest touch of class and opulence, take a look into these enchanting ski destinations which will immediately take your breath away.

Europe – Kitzbühel Kitzbuhel

The glamorous and beautiful town of Kitzbühel should be your top bucket list for a luxury ski holiday where you can indulge in Alpine excellence. The stylish setting of brightly coloured medieval buildings and cobbled street, where you’ll meet a colourful array of tourists as well as the flair of impeccably gorgeous natural surroundings. Skiers and snowboarders in pursuit of high-end ski holiday an extensive selection of sumptuous ski hotels, romantic huts, gourmet dining and entertainment that will invite you for a merrymaking experience. Situated in Tyrol, Austria, Kitzbühel ski area extends over two provinces and 7 municipalities where you are best prepared for its perfectly groomed slopes and ski routes.


The night has a lot to offer in Kitzbühel. From exquisite star-rated dining experience at Lois Stern to the culinary delights of Cuisino steakhouse, feast your eyes and satiate your palate with fresh flavourful dishes you can’t begin to imagine. For an “après ski” experience, make a swift stop at a few cocktail bars to clink champagne glasses and dance the night away in Club Take Five to test your condition and temperament in the wee hours.

To cap the altitude of Kitzbühel’s skiing escapade, make a comfortable VIP overnight stay in a romantic igloo suite for a one of a kind experience. The small amorous town of Kitzbühel expresses nothing more but luxury and fairytale-like experience all rolled into an unforgettable wintery getaway.

Japan – Hokkaido

When it comes to skiing, anyone would be surprised with an Asian country making it to the list. Truthfully speaking, Japan became a must go ski destination for its ambient atmosphere, ski routes, luxurious accommodation and even active “après ski” scene. Heaps of ski resorts from commercial to splendorous can be found in Sapporo, a city located on the northern island of Hokkaido. They once hosted the 1972 Winter Olympics which became internationally recognized as it is the first place out of Europe to be offered this honour.


Sitting on a cliff of Hokkaido island, you will find the biggest and most popular ski resort called LOFT Niseko. This luxury boutique resort comprises of 3 metre high buildings that boasts modern, contemporary and ample living spaces facing an incredible panoramic view of Mount Yotei. To accommodate sophisticated tourists, Niseko puts the focus on their on-site concierge that offers high levels of services and outstanding convenience to assure all guests have their warmest pleasant stay.


When it comes to “après ski” life in Niseko, there is a little twist as Japanese culture is needless to say a draw-card to many. A relaxing soak in the natural onsen seems to be a tradition especially during daylight after skiing. Once the night wears on, unwind with warm sake and Japanese whisky which can be found in some of the best “après ski” bars such as Bar Gyu+.

The food you discover here speaks for itself. Appreciate world-class dining scene in Niseko with a variety of delectable local produce that will bring your taste senses into a new world. Relish in a fine dining experience with an array of five and nine-course degustation featuring Japanese and French fusion in Kamimura Restaurant. Not only do you get to confidently ski down steep runs whilst witnessing magnificent views from atop, but also enjoy the finest things in life at Niseko – a true powder hound’s dream in the best of both worlds.

New Zealand – Queenstown

Winter scene in the snow, Queenstown. New Zealand.

While the climate starts getting warmer in the northern hemisphere, the winter season makes its grand entrance in the southern part of the world, namely New Zealand. Known for its broad range of adventurous activities for thrill seekers, New Zealand is home to four ski fields surrounded by cloud-piercing alps and unrivalled pristine nature. Today, Queenstown is a vibrant and sophisticated town for all visitors offering world-class skiing that cater for both learners and experts. If you can handle intermediate runs with a breathtaking view, try out heli skiing for a suspenseful and thrill-filled fun on untouched terrains to play on.

Lodge in style at their luxury resorts and chic chalets as accommodation in Queenstown are situated at the centre part of the town. Stroll along the picturesque Queenstown mall where you find plenty of shopping to do, quaint bars offering hard whisky to classic Pinot Noir and eateries of scrumptious cuisines from all parts of the world.


The exuberant “après ski” culture in New Zealand is not one to miss – from jazz, cabaret, casinos, live bands to DJ spins that will ensure you an “après ski” scene that you will not forget.

Queenstown is none other than a snow lover’s paradise. Embark your journey this ski season in New Zealand that runs from early June until early October where you can also catch the annual Winter Festival to tickle your “après ski” fancy.

Where would you go for your winter ski adventure with a fantastic “après ski” experience?

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