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Buon Caffè! Lavishing The Italian Brew Of Passion In The Heart Of KL

Buon Caffè! Lavishing The Italian Brew Of Passion In The Heart Of KL


Buon Caffè! Lavishing The Italian Brew Of Passion In The Heart Of KL

M Marini Caffè, the lastest creation by Cav. Modesto Marini, embodies the glamour of ‘la dolce vita’ to perfection. The elegant venue is part of the renowned luxury dining and entertainment brand of Kuala Lumpur, The Marini’s Group, for which Cav. Modesto Marini has garnered numerous awards. For his relentless passion and prowess he puts into promoting Italian cuisine in Southeast Asia, the successful entrepreneur has recently received the prestigious title of Cavaliere, one of the highest civilian honours by the Italian government.

Born from an intuition that Cav. Modesto Marini had during one of his holidays in the ‘Bel Paese’, he decided to introduce Italy’s bona fide coffee culture in Malaysia. With the need for a sophisticated café in the heart of Kuala Lumpur that could offer an authentic experience of Italy’s most consumed beverage, quickly established itself as the focal point among coffee lovers.

The crème de la crème of coffee drinkers will admit to finding the types of coffee outside of the Italian borders baffling and cliché. Coffees were brewed and presented differently in Malaysia, but through the intervention of M Marini Caffè, indulging a cup like a true Italian is now possible in Kuala Lumpur.

The widespread coffee culture in Italy may have its bold reputation, nonetheless this caffeinated beverage was not first invented in Italy.

From Africa To Italy: The Fascinating History Of Coffee

Types of Coffee

According to legend, coffee beans were first discovered by an Abyssinian shepherd who had noticed his goats acting vivaciously after eating some red drupes. Choosing to sample the odd drupes too, it led to the surprising discovery of the invigorating effect. Thereupon, the nomadic tribes of Northern Africa began taking delight on the extraordinary drupes as well. Upon entering the 13th century, Arabs had the fanciful idea to toast and grind those beans before boiling them in water. This has resulted in the creation of the bittersweet elixir brewed that now dominates the tastebuds of today’s world coffee connoisseurs.

The first beans arrived in Italy during the 16th century, brought over by students of the University of Padua. Nevertheless, it was only during the following century that the first significant amount of the coffee beans landed on Venice, before the consumption spiked up in the 18th century.

During the 1700s, numerous cafés appeared around the major cultural centres – Milan, Venice, Padua and Trieste – and coffee became synonym of coalescence. Artists, politicians, and the entire society began frequenting the fashionable cafés to discuss important topics, share revolutionary ideas, study or just revel in a quiet corner savouring their favourite brew.

In these times, coffee is not only a beverage that excites discussion, but can be savoured in many different and wonderful ways, with various types of coffee beans found present in any coffee shop worthy of the name.

Coffee Variations Alluring The Taste Of Elitists

Types of Coffee

Italians are known for habitual beings when it comes to coffee. The majority has a favourite bar they frequent, and selective types of coffee they savour. Some epicures take it further by having a preferred choice of expert barista, who is usually the only one worthy of their trust.The most sought-after types of coffee to revel in:

The most sought-after types of coffee to revel in:

  • Espresso, a shot of coffee meant to be drank straight, without milk or toppings.
  • Ristretto, a variation of espresso, prepared using less water, which gives it a stronger flavour.
  • Cappuccino, also known as cappuccio, is a combination of coffee, steamed and foamed milk; sometimes cocoa is added to give it an even sweeter taste.
  • Caffè macchiato, a shot of espresso lightened by a splash of milk; the most universal variation after espresso.
  • Caffè latte, which is the perfect beverage for breakfast aficionado, consists of milk with a splash of coffee, giving you a wonderful start to the day.
  • Caffè corretto, consists of a shot of espresso with a desired liquor. Be it brandy or the typical Italian grappa, a few drops of these elixirs are fused with your favourite coffee.

The ambrosial variations above can be found at the exclusive M Marini Caffè, where the coffee concept has been taken to new and luxurious heights by the Cavaliere, incorporating delicacies like Champagne and caviar into the ample menu.

M Marini Caffè – Fashion, Culture And Haute Cuisine In Lush Surroundings

Types of Coffee

The fragrant aroma of coffee pervades the venue at M Marini Caffè, where locals and tourists alike gather for a lavish break, drinking a shot of espresso or a cup of coffè americano, while savouring some of the most scrumptious desserts from the Italian tradition: the rich and exciting tiramisù, the soft panna cotta that melts in your mouth, or the sweet ice cream that leaves you craving for more.

M Marini Caffè has brought the Italian coffee tradition to Malaysia, offering a rich experience that goes well beyond coffee, tea or aperitif, incepting a lavish affair that takes luxury and coffee culture a step further.

M Marini Caffe is the first Champagne, caviar and coffee restaurant in Malaysia that speaks nothing but opulence. The inviting premise imparts an ambitious menu, from effervescent luxury breakfasts to salubrious additions of seafood insalate. Drink and dine in style with the surroundings of timeless haute couture brands, such as Chanel and Cartier.

Delight the elite gourmand in you and visit M Marini Caffè, a luscious locale where culinary, fashion and culture converge to offer M Marini Caffè elite customers the truest Italian way of life.

Opening Hours
Relish the Italian approach of sumptuous cuisine.
Daily – 10 am to 10 pm

Aperitivo Hours
Unwind and savour a decadent aperitivo.
Daily – 3 pm onwards

High Tea
Indulge in a robust cup of tea.
Daily – 3 pm to 5 pm

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