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Brace Yourself To Meet & Connect To Your Soul Mate At Meet District 4

Brace Yourself To Meet & Connect To Your Soul Mate At Meet District 4

By Marini's


“What’s love got to do, got to do with it?” – Tina Turner

Oh, Mrs. Turner, love has everything to do with it! If you have ever been in love or looking for love right now, you know that love is the most gratifying, essential, and sometimes perplexing emotion that we can experience as human beings. Having said that, it’s amazing how love can affect your body and mind in the most wondrous of ways. Did you know that falling in love has been said to have a calming effect on the body, and raise levels of nerve growth for up to a year?

That special someone who can bring out these amazing sentiments and cell generation in you could be waiting for you at Marini’s on 57 on 5th April. Come experience the coveted feeling of looking into the eyes of someone who just might be your soulmate, or something really attractive that takes your breath away.


  1. It only takes 4 minutes for you to decide whether you like someone or not. In turn, if you want to make a good impression on someone, you have 4 minutes! It’s believed that attaining and keeping someone’s attention and attraction has a lot to do with body language and tone of your voice, rather than what you say.
  2. The feeling of “having butterflies in your stomach” is real! It’s caused by a rush of adrenaline. When you really like someone or fall in love, you can’t avoid the feeling as it’s the body’s response to a fight or flight situation.
  3. You know they say love is like a drug? Well, there might be some truth to it. The act of falling in love is known to have the same neurological effects of cocaine, both will give your brain a similar sensation of euphoria. It produces many euphoria-inducing chemicals in your body that will arouse about 12 areas of the brain.

Love yourself first

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Cultivate love within yourself first, it is essential. Accept and love yourself as you are now. Remember, there is no one out there quite like you, and that is incredible. Be kind to yourself and honour yourself. In order to manifest more love in life, nurture it within you. Then, you are ready to take on love and life.


Lastly, open up yourself to life! We all only get one life so say yes to it. Take exciting risks that feel good to you, like skydiving, moving to another country or even just lunch with a new friend. If you do decide to go to lunch, try the absolutely delectable Ravioli di Wagyu at Marini’s on 57. It’s a house-made ravioli with Wagyu beef cheek filling, served with roasted capsicum sauce, 32-month aged Parmesan cheese foam and beef jus. You will never know what awaits you until you try it. As they say, life is meant to be enjoyed and lived without abandon, so what are you waiting for?

White wine cheers alcohol

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Come April 5th, and brace yourself to meet and connect with your possible soul mates at Meet District 4. This is the Single’s Mixer you will want to be at. It is less daunting when you know everyone is there for the exact reason you are; to meet new people and to create thrilling connections. Forget anxiety and leave your insecurities at the door! Meet District 4 is all about meeting new people and having a marvellous time! Shake things up, and make looking for your soulmate an abundantly extravagant experience that transcends the ordinary only at Marini’s on 57.


  • Be sure to bring your business/calling cards with you to hand out to possible connections.
  • Be open to new people and experiences.
  • Leave your inhibitions at the door and say hi to everyone.
  • Smile, smile, and keep smiling at everyone who catches your eye.
  • Dress to impress.
  • Play the games, be interactive.
  • Have fun!

Individuals meeting social gathering

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Meet District 3: Absolut Conversation, was undoubtedly Kuala Lumpur’s most anticipated Single’s Mixer of 2016. An incredibly indulgent event that brought people together in a setting that was alluring to the senses, luxurious and all around satisfying. If you were there, you know what a spectacular night it was. If you weren’t, this is your chance to come to Meet District 4 to savour pure luxury and potentially meet your one true love. Reserve your table, dress to the nines and come have a great time. Magical things happen fates collide.

Indulge in the luxury of refined foods and enchant your palate with epicurean pleasures. The ambience at Marini’s on 57 is distinctive and elevates any night to its highest note. It exudes romance along with picturesque views of the Kuala Lumpur skyline. It is a testament of pure luxury, style and sophistication with modern classic interior of avant-garde elegance. A pinnacle to spark love in a magical setting.

All your senses will be immersed in sheer delight and satisfaction, with culinary master pieces like the luscious Risotto al Porcini which is a carnaroli risotto served with Porcini mushrooms, Porcini mushroom foam and bordelaise sauce or the Branzino del Mediterraneo which is pan-seared Mediterranean sea bass with potato crust, served with a cauliflower puree and winter vegetables.

banner-restaurant-reservationIf you are intrigued with fine Italian cuisine and want to know more about enticing Italian desserts, click here to explore more.


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