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Cavaliere Modesto Marini And His Reach For The Stars

Cavaliere Modesto Marini And His Reach For The Stars


Cavaliere Modesto Marini & His Reach For The Stars

Cavaliere Modesto Marini’s life path is an admirable journey of culinary passion and prowess, a 20-year-long voyage that has taken him from Italy to Malaysia. Latterly, he culminates with the conferment of the prestigious title ‘Cavaliere Dell’Ordine della Stella d’Italia’ (Knight of the Order of the Star of Italy), well regarded as one of the highest civilian honours by the Italian government.

“I am truly honoured to receive such esteemed recognition from my home country and I am proud to have been able to contribute to both Italy and Malaysia.” – Cavaliere Modesto Marini

The recognition signifies his merits as a true worldwide ambassador of the Italian cuisine. Contributions through his efforts in innovative and authentic Italian food has brought him to where he is today, as the founder of one of the leading luxury dining and entertainment groups in Southeast Asia – The Marini’s Group.

Cav. Modesto Marini On The Rise: Turning His Forte To Business

Italian Food‘Malaysia’s King of Italian Cuisine’ (as he has been hailed by The Star) grew up in the region around Lake Garda where he supported his parents in the family-owned vineyards and vegetable farms. In the early years of his culinary journey, Italian food experiments in the kitchen consisted of only the freshest and finest ingredients. Through the creation of Italian dishes and authentic recipes together with his parents, this has flourished his ultimate passion for food and top-notch ingredients.

During his school years, Cav. Modesto Marini attended a well-respected culinary school in Trento, graduating as a chef and earning high honours by being an outstanding student among his schoolmates.

After the academic successes, his extraordinary journey around the world began: he gained the opportunity to widen his portfolio by working in the finest restaurants around Italy, London and Singapore. Upon settling down in Malaysia, he took his culinary zeal up a notch by launching the most renowned luxury dining and entertainment venues of Kuala Lumpur, The Marini’s Group.

The establishment today comprises of three astoundingly iconic locales – Kuala Lumpur’s highest rooftop bar and the contemporary Italian restaurant, and premium lounge Marini’s on 57, Kuala Lumpur’s premier steakhouse Marble 8, and the elegant M Marini Caffè.

Today, the entrepreneur scouts the world to find the best products for his establishments, working side by side with premium local and international producers to deliver the quality his elite customers require: the most astonishing herbs and flowers, the freshest fruits and vegetables, 100% Italian extra virgin olive oil, balsamic vinegars from Modena and the juiciest exclusive beef cuts from renowned Menegazzo family; owners of Stanbroke Pastoral, Australia.

Over and above these achievements, his restaurants have earned the visionary restaurateur many accolades, thanks to his deep passion for offering only the most authentic Italian food in KL. Among his most famous successes, we can count the introduction of the delicious thin crust pizza in Malaysia, as his contribution in widening the Italian culinary panorama in Kuala Lumpur.

The Marini’s Group – A Multi-Award Winning Brand,

Attracting Legendary Celebrities

Italian FoodMarini’s on 57 opened its doors to the public in 2012, followed by Marble 8 and M Marini Caffè in 2014. During this short time span, The Marini’s Group won the prestigious Brand of the Year award in the Restaurants category at the World Branding Awards for three consecutive years, the only restaurant brand in the whole of Malaysia to have achieved such result.

The phenomenal 2016 ceremony was held in one of the most fashionable cities in the world, London, and saw the participation of luxury brands from 30 different countries. This categorised The Marini’s Group among a selected niche of brands of superior quality, such as Apple, Louis Vuitton and Rolex.

“Having received this award three times in a row reinforces my belief that through passion and persistence, we can aim for perfection, and that we will never settle for anything less. We have entered into the arena of the global culinary scene and we will continue to convey our commitment for excellence in service, food and trailblazing entertainment.” – Cavaliere Modesto Marini

Besides the Brand of the Year award, the restaurant has also garnered the Seal of Excellence, the most exclusive recognition for luxury hospitality, from 2014 to 2016.

  • World Branding Awards 2014-2016
  • Signum Virtutis, the Seal of Excellence (Seven Star Global Luxury Award) 2014-2016
  • Malaysia’s Best Restaurants conferred by Tatler Malaysia
  • Wine Spectator’s Award of Excellence (Two Glasses)
  • Gold Award at KL Mayor Tourism Awards, assigned to restaurants that improved the tourism experience in Kuala Lumpur through outstanding service

Italian FoodSpecially featured on the cover page of Hospitality Asia 
Redefined Volume 2, 2016 Issue

Discover more about The Marini’s Group excellence by visiting our awards page with the full list of accolades conferred upon Marini’s on 57.

The fame of the group has encouraged many notable and respectable celebrities to make Marini’s on 57 their favourite spot for an exquisite and memorable dinner. Among them, the successful American pro golfer Tiger Woods, Malaysian top shoe designer Jimmy Choo, multiple MotoGP world champions Valentino Rossi and Max Biaggi, football legend Eric Cantona, the Scorpions and more.

Other celebrities are collaborating with Cav. Modesto Marini to build together a great experience of cuisine and entertainment: designer Anna Fendi and former F1 driver Jarno Trulli are just two examples of VIPs who selected the Cavaliere as the ambassador for their brands and genuine products in Asia, establishing a liaison that sparkles like the finest of sparkling wines.

“It all comes down to the right partners, suppliers, concept, team, location and communication channels. I am very selective and prefer to work only with the best.” – Cavaliere Modesto Marini, whose efforts are constantly directed towards finding the perfect collaborations and partners to enhance the quality and service of his luxury venues.

The Highest Peak Of Excellence In Luxury Dining And Entertainment

Italian Food

“Marini’s on 57 isn’t just about fine food and a great ambience. It is about offering every individual who visits a truly unique experience of the venue and of Kuala Lumpur and we are proud to have been a part of so many people’s lives in such a short time,” states Cavaliere Modesto Marini, symbolising the prospect of the group through strong ethics and values.

The Marini’s Group is not only synonym of superb cuisine and great environment to dwell in, but of luxury experience made of culinary research and innovation, stupendous views, unparalleled service and love for the details. Everything is well thought: from the top quality of the beef cuts from Australia, to the creation of an elegant atmosphere through not only modern furniture and decorations, but also the fine Christofle silver cutlery and the amazing paintings by the Italian artist Rosalba Mangione, which lends the venue a warm touch of Italy.

As of late, Marini’s on 57 has become a place for music aficionados who want to tantalise their taste buds with Signature dishes. Marini’s on 57 is indeed the only Asian brand that produces its own music albums, which are now sold all over the world. For the success of its albums and tremendous celebrations, the European media have even called the restaurant as Kuala Lumpur’s answer to Ibiza’s Café del Mar.

The collaborations with some of the most renowned names in the music industry – Jose Padilla, Chris Coco, Afterlife, Simon Mills, and Simon Dunmore and Defected Records – have led to exceptional grand fêtes, such as the Annual F1 Party, which has seen the participation of the legendary founder and owner of Defected Records, Simon Dunmore. For the occasion, the charismatic DJ played his best music for the guests of Marini’s on 57 during the ‘Defected in the House’ show.

The collaborations also led to the release of the compilation albums ‘Sunset Hours’ Vol. 1-3. The eclectic chill-out vibes pervade the entire album, creating the perfect atmosphere for a breezy afternoon or an ecstatic evening full of sparkle.

The first of these volumes was compiled by Jose Padilla, the second originated from the collaboration between Chris Coco and Afterlife, and the third was curated by Simon Mills. “For ‘Interstellar Joyride’ I thought about the incredible views from Marini’s on 57. I wanted it to sound tropical and sunny, with the listener imagining themselves with a nice cold drink in their hand as they watched the sun go down over Kuala Lumpur city,” says Simon Mills when speaking about his inspiration for the album. The Sunset Hours albums are sold all over the world, and have acquired international recognition being in the spotlight of major clubs.

Delight your mind with the immerse in the finest tunes and the most elegant music by indulging in the sounds of Volume 2 and 3 of Sunset Hours here:

Cav. Modesto Marini has come a long way from being a student in Trento to successful entrepreneur, to Cavaliere dell’Ordine della Stella d’Italia, but one thing remained accompanying him every step of the way: his passion for excellence, his commitment to superlative dishes and his thrive for creative adventure.

The Marini’s Group, his most famous creation, has put the city of Kuala Lumpur in the spotlight for luxurious contemporary dining and thrilling entertainment. Cav. Modesto Marini is still at the helm as the man of his calibre, delivering quality service and the best possible experience to his customers.

Visit Marini’s on 57 to discover the unique touch of Italy that Cav. Modesto Marini has brought to Malaysia, and get a taste of the exquisite cuisine and luscious atmosphere that has deserved some of the highest honours in the world.

Italian Restaurant Reservation at Marini's on 57

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