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Celebrating Marvellous Women

Celebrating Marvellous Women


In conjunction with Women’s History and the new cinematic release of Captain Marvel, Marini’s on 57 has concocted a series of cocktails celebrating not only women, but the women of the Marvel Universe. Marvel characters have always been strong, empowered and powerful women who are able to defend and protect those in need, and that is why Marini’s on 57 is celebrating this momentous month.

Marini’s on 57 has created four bespoke cocktails to celebrate this occasion with each drink paying homage to a popular Marvel character. The four drinks created are the Marvellicous, in celebration of Captain Marvel, She Hulk, Scarlet Witch and Wakanda Foreva, which at first glance may be confusing to cinema goers who are only familiar with the Black Panther movie, but comic book readers will know that Shuri takes on the Black Panther mantle at some point.

Marvellicious A Marvellous Tipple

Capatain Marvel is possibly one of the most powerful super heroes in the Marvel Universe, being part human imbued with powers of the Kree race giving her super strength and a number of other super powers. Her leading her own movie brings a great advancement towards the appreciation of women in today’s world.

The Marvellicious cocktail is a gin-based cocktail, served with coconut cream, cucumber juice, lemon juice and orgeat syrup and is served in a bespoke carafe with an iconic crown, celebrating the queen that Captain Marvel is.

She HulkGreen Is Good

Many people are familiar with the Hulk, but if you do not read the comics you might not be familiar with Jennifer Walters, the She Hulk. Unlike the Hulk, She Hulk is not only known for her brute strength, but her intellect as well. The green lawyer is the cousin of Bruce Banner and received her powers via a blood transfusion, but thankfully, with the ability to control her rage.

The She Hulk is a midori-based cocktail consisting of rum, lime wedges and spiced syrup, all served in a rock glass signifying her strength. The drink is perfect for people looking for something sweet and salty.

Scarlet Witch

A Bewitching Cocktail

The Scarlet Witch is one of the most famous members of the Avengers, played by Elizabeth Olsen in the movies. She is one of the most famous avengers and a powerhouse in her own right. In the comics, she once uttered a phrase that depowered nearly all the mutant population, and by that, you can see why that makes her one of the most powerful mutants in the history of Marvel.

The Scarlet Witch is a gin-based cocktail, made with raspberry puree, lemon juice, honey and topped up with soda water. The drink is served in a tall and slender glass showcasing the drink in all its scarlet glory.

Wakanda ForeverOnce You Go Black, You Never Go Back

There were few movies that made a bigger impact that the Black Panther in 2018. Cinema goers will be familiar with T’Challa as the Black Panther, but few know that Shuri also became the Black Panther at one point in the comics. With her wit and intellect making her one of the most formidable characters not only in Wakanda, but across the globe.

This is why we celebrate this heroine with Wakanda Foreva, a tequila-based cocktail with charcoal, raspberry puree, lemon juice and soda water. This cocktail is served in a tall glass, with its deep dark colour punctuated with a rose petal.

Have A Marvellous Time At Marini’s on 57

Come on down to Marini’s on 57 to enjoy a view like no other in celebration of the women in your life, be if your partner, parent, child or friend. Take this opportunity to build and encourage your relationships by celebrating each other. So if you’re going to do that, why not celebrate the heroines in your life at the top with a view to match.

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