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How To Create Memorable Moments For Father’s Day

How To Create Memorable Moments For Father’s Day


As Father’s Day loom over the following week we take the time to appreciate all that they have done for us. In these difficult times, it is especially important to show our father’s how much we love them, and how we can show our appreciation. Here, we look at five ways you can spend time with your father.

When it comes to family, you can never put a price on how much love costs, but sometimes money isn’t everything, it can come from little gestures. From a dinner out with the whole family to simple things you can do at home, here are some things that will get the heartstring pulling you can do as a family.

A Day At The Barbers

A good idea for father and son moment to bond can be over a day of pampering at the barbers. Getting a nice good of cut and shave is a great way to bond over conversation while you get a nice trim and cut. Something that can help a son and father bond over quite a gentlemanly afternoon.

High Tea With The Family

A more fine casual way for the family to spend time together is by taking your father for a nice little high tea with the family. It’s simple and fun, and can be enjoyed with the family as well over coffee, cakes and crumpets. It’s not as serious as a dinner but what is ensured is quality time over a nice cup of tea or coffee.

Board Games Night

Some family hold these traditions as common, but some not so much. However, if it’s something you’ve not tried before, you can start now. There are family board games that family can play together. For the industrious, there is Monopoly, for the strategic, there is Risk and for the wordsmiths, there is always Scrabble. This way you can build great memories together.

Father’s Day Fine Dining

One of the best ways to celebrate your father with the entire family is by pampering him with a nice dinner, and what better way to show appreciating by a fine dining. This can help the family bond over a bottle of wine and an outstanding dinner courses to make it a classy night to remember.

Cigar And Whiskey

For those of you who have fathers who love the occasional cigars, a night out at a cigar lounge might be a great idea. To impress dad, take him to one of the many cigar lounges about town while you sip on a whiskey and bond over stories of growing up. This is a great way to show your father a good time. 

Celebrate Father’s Day with the Marini’s Group

As restaurants and bars prepare to reopen their doors with a significant care taken to ensure your health and safety, you will be able to enjoy dining and drinking out again at the various eateries. However, we do advise that you should make bookings ahead of time to avoid being disappointed as tables are limited now. So take your father on a night he will remember, over a decent cocktail after a well-deserved dinner.

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