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A Taste Of Dolce Vita:  Alluring The Senses With Luscious Italian Desserts – by Marini’s

A Taste Of Dolce Vita: Alluring The Senses With Luscious Italian Desserts – by Marini’s


A Taste Of Dolce Vita: Alluring The Senses With Luscious Italian Desserts – by Marini’s

You’ve come to the end of your savoury dinner when you exhale in satisfaction, appetite satiated. After indulging in the luxury of refine foods with gusto, you start to ponder if you should spoil yourself with a decadent dessert to perfectly complete your multi-course meal.

Italian desserts are the grand finale in any haute cuisine menu. Indulging in a sweet dish from Italy is regularly pursued by top dessert aficionados as this noteworthy soul-soothing sweet relief tops the list of irresistible sweets, across the entire globe.

Italy has the world’s tastiest arsenal of desserts, from unique combinations of grandiose layered cakes, silky gelato ice creams to creamy laden pastries that have emanated from the period of great cultural transition during the Italian Renaissance.

The History Of Tempting Treats From Italy

Italian Dessert at Marini's on 57* Images are for illustrative purposes only

These delicious treats originated from years of tradition and pastry-making, dating back to the ancient Roman Empire. In the earlier days, desserts were basically bread-derived recipes with fresh ingredients of honey and fruits. As time went on, the preparation became more complexed, with sugar, chocolate, dairy, eggs and other ingredients added to the mix. Thereby, the modern and perhaps most famous, essential Italian desserts were born: the Tiramisù, Panna Cotta, Cassata, and Cannoli to name a few.

Each region of Italy has its own specialty with infinite variations of recipes. The climate differences between the north and south regions have a lot to contribute to the dessert preference today. In certain areas, you indulge in these sinful desserts over an alfresco meal, after the characteristic espresso or a robust cup of tea. For some others, they are kept for special celebrative occasions, like Easter, Christmas or even birthdays.

Italian desserts have come a long way weaving through its magical history and enthralling stories. From how the traditional Tiramisu unfolds into a rapturing treat with layers of liquor, the soft Bombolone that gathers a recollection of Italian childhood memories, to the sweet discovery of Panna Cotta from the maps of Piedmont, Italy.

Enchant your palate in this tasty trip down the culinary traditions of authentic Italian desserts and allow your senses to burst with joy from this sweet expedition.

Italian Desserts – A Taste Of True Love

Regardless of celebrating an extravagant bachelorette party or having a glorious dining affair, luxuriating in a supreme Italian dessert would take everyone’s palate by storm. With a wide range of desserts representing Italy, sifting through your most preferred choice is never ending.

We will usher you through this divine journey with our selected favourites.


Italian Dessert at Marini's on 57

* Images are for illustrative purposes only

This worldwide famous dessert is perhaps the most recognisable among the list of Italian delights and mostly favoured by coffee connoisseurs. It translates literally to “a little pick-me-up”, where its deliciousness and versatility meet to fit into any occasion. While the Tiramisu was not initially created with alcohol in its original recipe, the deviations being enjoyed today include hints of liqueurs such as rum or Marsala wine. The haute dish made its way into menus internationally due to its great following ever since it evolved into a booze-laced treat.

The irresistible elements of the Tiramisu are ladyfinger biscuits, coffee and cocoa powder, mascarpone cheese and traces of liqueur, that create a multitude of flavours yet soft in texture. Savour this traditional and exquisite treat at Marini’s on 57 — the Marini’s Tiramisú, a Signature dessert echoing the original recipe without a single ingredient overlooked; espresso crust, Marsala wine mascarpone and Kahlua gelato. Those who wish to enjoy an exceptional Tiramisu without any tinge of alcohol, can make a personal request and their chefs will craft up a non-alcoholic version to meet your requirements.

Explore the in-depths about this slice of heaven from our article and indulge in the original recipe.


Italian Dessert at Marini's on 57

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A fluffy treat loved throughout Italy, the Bombolone symbolises many of the fondest memories of an Italian childhood. Light and sugary pillows from the origins of Tuscany, the Bombolone is a traditional pastry similar to a doughnut, with vanilla cream or custard folded in. The pastry is rich and tender once it is fresh out of the oven, rolled in sugar and filled with velvety cream. Ultimately, a generous sprinkle of caster sugar is powdered over the top for that last magic touch.

Tartelette Ai Fichi

Italian Dessert at Marini's on 57

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Earthy fruits like figs are found bountiful all across Italy. Come summer, fig trees bear its fruits throughout the season where locals would swing in for a taste of sweet bite through innovative creations of rustic pastries, such as the Tartelette Ai Fichi (fig tarts). Tartelette Ai Fichi is a pastry tart that resembles crusted biscuits, baked along with fresh or caramelised figs on top. A delicious treat that accompanies you well during a relaxing afternoon tea or a cup of coffee during the day. For the adventurous ones, a dash of rum is thrown in to spice the flavour up a notch.

Panna Cotta

Italian Dessert at Marini's on 57

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There is much more than meets the eye in the luscious pudding, the Panna Cotta. It is notable for its delicate texture that dances and quivers from the slightest touch. A softly set pudding that arises from a mixture of simple ingredients such as milk, cream and sugar condensed with gelatin. Ergo, the literal Italian meaning is “cooked cream”. Many have argued that the dessert’s origin has remained unknown until this day, but it has been identified as a traditional dish loved by those in Piedmont, a region known for sophisticated local cuisine neighbouring the French and Swiss borders.

A spoonful of Panna Cotta should melt in your mouth; creamy and smooth, not too sweet and not too bland. In addition to this versatile dish, it can be infused with an assortment of flavours you desire. Drizzle in sweet sauces like the indulgent chocolate, a splash of aromatic coffee or a zesty tang of mixed berry compote for a dessert that will bring people through a journey of the senses.

Refine your senses with authentic delights of Italy in one of The Marini’s Group’s elegant establishments, M Marini Caffè, offering only the finest of desserts including the Panna Cotta; an Italian creamy flan infused with vanilla flavour and raspberry coulis.

Be your own chef by bringing the intoxicating flavours of Italy to your kitchen. Prepare to enchant your guests with a palatable homemade Panna Cotta using a classic yet exciting recipe which we reveal in the next chapter.

A Bite Of Delight: Panna Cotta Alle Mandorle

Italian Dessert at Marini's on 57

The queen of desserts, Panna Cotta Alle Mandorle (Almond Panna Cotta) is not only a sinful delicacy, but the perfect dessert to be elegantly presented at the end of your meal.

Crafted from almond and coffee, let us unveil you to a new perspective of this sweet treat, leaving you craving for more.

Ingredients for 4 people:

  • 500ml of fresh liquid cream
  • 300ml of almond milk
  • 200g of powdered sugar
  • 8g of gelatine leaves
  • 1 scoop of almond aroma
  • 1 cup of coffee
  • Almond flakes


Firstly, bloom the gelatine by placing it into cold water to soften for 10 minutes. In a pot, pour over 300ml of fresh cream and almond milk and cook the mixture over low heat until it simmers. Take it off and add powdered sugar, mixing it thoroughly to melt the sugar using a whisk. Squeeze the gelatine leaves and add them into the mix.

Continue mixing with the whisk until the gelatine melts. At this point, pour the liquid into 4 moulds, about 200ml each. Leave it to cool and then place the moulds into the refrigerator to allow the mixture to harden for at least 5 hours. After 5 hours, take the moulds out of the fridge and flip the dessert over onto a plate.

For the garnish, whip up the rest of the cream with an electric beater. Add powdered sugar and keep whipping until the mixture has a mousse-like texture. Then, pour the coffee on it and blend the ingredients together into a uniform consistency. Place the mixture of coffee and whipped cream into a pastry bag and dress the Panna Cotta by squeezing dollops of rich cream over the top.

Nothing beats tasting the richness of a delectable dainty treat, with delicious flavours fusing into a heavenly union that all Italians love relishing.

Fortune smiles on you as these authentic treats from Italy can be found not only in the European peninsula but also right in the heart of Kuala Lumpur. Nosh away with an assortment of Signature desserts at the contemporary Italian cuisine from the top, Marini’s on 57.

Indulge In Authentic Italian Desserts At Marini’s On 57

Dessert at Marini's on 57

Caress your palate with an indulging treat created in exquisite charm, in a place unlike any other, at Marini’s on 57. Offering you a magical haven of superb sweets, Marini’s on 57 is the king among the best of Signature Italian dolce vita to satisfy all of your sweet cravings.

Each dessert is carefully selected with excellence to offer the widest panorama over the traditional Italian pasticceria, a journey into the characteristic flavours of Italy. Marini’s Tiramisù, Fondente al Cioccolato, Zabajone and other sweet tooth treats are even more irresistible when you take the time to enjoy them over Kuala Lumpur’s breath taking views, dramatic city skyline and unique view of the majestic Petronas Towers.

Experience the sights and sounds at Marini’s on 57 and take sips on delicious dessert wine that perfectly pairs with your sweet course. Should you need recommendations on an accompaniment dessert wine, the expertly trained sommeliers at the restaurant are evermore ready to serve you with the finest choices from their extensive cellar.

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