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Elevate Your Kuala Lumpur Nightlife With Marini’s On 57

Elevate Your Kuala Lumpur Nightlife With Marini’s On 57

By Marini's

Want to live a life of opulence by spicing up your Kuala Lumpur nightlife, like at KL’s highest rooftop bar? Look no further other than Marini’s on 57, where you linger al fresco over expertly prepared meals complemented with an extensive drinks list. Located in the heart of the city next to the Petronas Twin Towers, you are in to make memories with world class food in a world class location. Look flawless in your cocktail dress and slip on a pair of Jimmy Choos to spend the lavish night out with your clique for a sophisticated drink over an evening of witty conversations.

High Class Kuala Lumpur Nightlife

Expect classy wine and dine that takes advantage of the towering rooftop with uninterrupted scenic views for a vivid Kuala Lumpur nightlife. Evoke your memories by sipping handcrafted mixtures of sweet bitters, refining your palate to award-winning contemporary Italian cuisine and dancing off the sundown to addictive tunes featuring the best DJs.

Begin the evening with Sunset Hours while soaking in breathtaking sights of the sunset and then later transforming to late-night bottles in the swankiest rooftop bar. Elevate your sensory pleasures of each Signature cocktails that ByMarini’s has listed down below.


Signature Cocktails

Jungle Bird

The Jungle Bird is Malaysia’s renowned cocktail that was long-forgotten, however at Marini’s on 57, the tipple was given a real make over with a modern twist by Marini’s very own mixologist. The noteworthy improvisation of the tropical cocktail is now a combination of dark rum, Campari, pineapple juice, simple syrup with a zest of lime juice. The Jungle Bird that was cleverly reinvented now leaves you a sweet yet complex flavour of summer. Order this idyllic cocktail that flashes summery vibes for those sparing the time off in a tropical country like Malaysia.

Sailor Shrub

The Sailor Shrub is none other than the exotic cocktail with a kick of spice – a spicy yet refreshing drink for the hot summer weather. The core ingredient that makes up the richly textured tipple is Sailor Jerry Spiced rum, the Caribbean specialty fused with a medley of aromatic spices, followed by pineapple cinnamon shrub, raspberry syrup and lime juice. Unique flavours of The Sailor Shrub concocted by their bartenders, it makes the limelight of natural spices harmonising a blast of fruity tang that leaves a peppery note. Colourful sights, scentful fragrance and fondness of breezy tranquillity as you luxuriate in this cocktail gives you nothing but a sense of bon vivant.

Mellow Sundown Cocktail

For vodka enthusiasts, the Mellow Sundown cocktail has its highlight of tropical flavours derived from a mixture of fruity punch. Deliciously concocted using Absolut Blue vodka as the alcohol base, it is perfectly blended with fruity sours of great piquancy, such as the passion fruit puree, apple syrup, lime juice and pineapple juice. Make your reservation at Marini’s on 57 for the Sunset Hours and be sure to order yourself a Mellow Sundown Cocktail where you can celebrate watching the sunset amidst the KLCC tower.

Signature Dishes

Italian Luxurious Dish with caviar

Apart from Marini’s on 57’s intoxicating cocktails, there is more that you can anticipate. Nosh on delicious Signature dishes to enjoy a Kuala Lumpur nightlife where you can find an extensive range of luscious food items on our menu.

Marini’s Capricci E Sfizi

Begin indulging your senses with fresh appetizers from Marini’s Capricci e Sfizi selection of exquisite caviar. Caviale; our chef’s recommendation of Caviar originated from Russia and Iran is intricately served with blinis, tasteful condiments, thinly sliced melba toast and a vodka shot. If not for Caviar, order yourself the Ostriche; imported Oysters served cold with lemon and shallot vinaigrette to season. The perfect starter to go with a glass of fragrant red wine from Marini’s on 57’s very own collection during your Kuala Lumpur nightlife adventure.


Authentic Italian Pizza

After treating yourself to mouth-watering starters, find an array of scrumptious pizzas as your main course. The crusty goodness of the popular Diavola pizza could satisfy your palate for its generous toppings of beef salami, spicy chili and gooey mozzarella cheese. Get impressed with Marini’s on 57’s astounding gourmet vegetarian choices, where all vegetarian lovers can feast on the luxurious black truffle Pizza Alba or the simple Margherita pizza that consist of vegetarian-friendly ingredients and fragrant herbs. For light eaters, you can cut back on the portion size by selecting from an assortment of flavoursome finger foods under Whims to pair perfectly with your Signature cocktail.


Satisfy your sweet tooth with hearty delectable desserts from Marini’s on 57’s sugary selections. Relish your taste buds by indulging in Marini’s on 57’s world famous Italian sweets that is nothing short but divine. The Tiramisu is a slice of heaven that melts in your mouth, served with delicious mascarpone, brandy and Savoiardi biscuits. Take a bite of the remarkably light and creamy textured Panna Cotta with fresh raspberries that makes the prime end to your meal.

Develop a finer palate at Marini’s on 57 this week through the vast selection of food and cocktail drinks that we offer. For all the ladies, plan out your next visit on Wednesdays, where W-Night is hosted especially for you, a chance to be the first to indulge in unique cocktail creations.

Enjoy Marini's on 57 signature food and cocktails

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