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Embrace the Spring Season with the New Eclectic Menu at The Marini’s Group

Embrace the Spring Season with the New Eclectic Menu at The Marini’s Group

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Spring is here and so begins the year’s hottest food trends in the culinary world. These are some of the many gastronomic delights that will be taking spring by storm. Let ByMarini’s divulge the blossoming trends that are getting noticed by food enthusiasts and making its way to the forefront of conversations this 2017.

Marini’s Group New Spring Menu

Decadent Duck Meat On Pureed Vegetables* Images used are for illustrative purposes only.

Decadent Duck

A popular poultry that is taking precedence over other fabulous fowls this spring is the duck. Delicious and highly decadent especially when paired with the right condiments, duck meat is known to be one of the more sophisticated meats around. Unlike chicken or turkey, duck meat is tender, sweet and pleasantly carries a similar flavour to red meat. In addition to its succulent quality, this exquisite meat stands on the cusp of white and red meat, which means that it makes it the perfect accompaniment to a bounty of sides.

Keeping with the colourful theme of spring, we see ducks being served over a bed of pureed spring root vegetables, making it a feast not only for the stomach but for the eyes as well. A modern take on duck meat that sprouted this spring is duck wings in different and unique variations. For instance, smoked duck wings with seaweed, squid ink and crushed mussels are all the rage in New York city; while crispy duck wings, topped with duck cracklings and house made bacon-ranch dressing are the new hot item in North Carolina.

Buttery Bagels with Fresh Condiments* Images used are for illustrative purposes only.

Buttery Bagels

Fluffy bagels are synonymous to the streets of NYC, but this New York staple has a sweet competitor this spring; the Montreal Bagel. This nectarous nosh is hand rolled and then wood-oven baked after a short swim in a bath of honey or malt-sweetened water. Smaller in size to the regular bagel, the Montreal Bagel is winning hearts over with its glossy golden exterior and its tinge of tantalizing sweetness. Another variation to the bagel that is gaining popularity this spring would be the Jerusalem Bagel; a golden-brown, sesame-encrusted ring served with olive oil and house made za’atar. Where flavoured toppings are concerned, expect jazzier alternatives like the rosemary-sea salt bagel in Colorado.

Tartare Dish with Caviar * Images used are for illustrative purposes only.

Tantalizing Tartares

Tartares are a long standing classic in the culinary world. Today, chefs are putting a twist on the common Tartare by experimenting with a variety of unique meats, contemporary condiments and stylish garnishes. A notable variation of the Tartare can be found in Los Angeles, where tomato sauce infused veal is used as a nice alternative to the lean raw beef component. Another rising Tartare variant in Philadelphia is the whiskey-spiked bison topped with a fried quail egg and celery root. At Marini’s on 57, we have taken the Tartare and elevated the experience to new heights of decadence and pure pleasure.

The Marini’s Group’s New Spring Menu 2017

Marini’s On 57 Restaurant proudly debuts the outstanding New Spring Menu 2017. With curated ingredients that allow our Chefs to take all your senses on a journey back to Old Italia. In honor of the season, all creations encompass only the finest seasonal ingredients sourced and flown in from all over the globe. If you are looking to seek out an incredible dining experience, Marini’s on 57’s New Spring Menu is crafted just for your palate’s pleasure. You will be spoilt for choice as you peruse through the New Spring Menu of 2017. It is an incredible, delectable selection of the finest Italian cuisine from Antipasti to luscious delicacies and desserts. You must relish in the Tartare E Caviale that is simply yet stunningly a smoked Black Angus tartare with Sevruga Caviar. This dish is served without any other classic condiments like onions or spices as the combination of the two main elements complement each other impeccably.

The Sevruga sturgeon is a trim fish found in the Caspian Sea, which delivers smooth and buttery caviar flavor with a finish like a sweet ocean breeze. This sturgeon species produces little but delightfully crunchy roe with an exceptional buttery savor and quality. Paired with the mouthwatering Black Angus tartare and you have a match made in culinary heaven. Angus Beef is recognized for its finely marbled meat, which means the fat is spread evenly against the actual cut of the meat. This marbling trait ensures more tender, juicy and flavorful meat than any other breed of cattle.

With a focus on contemporary Italian dining with a delicious twist in creative methods and award-winning chefs, Marini’s on 57 is thrilled to present terrific menus and dishes inspired by Cavaliere Modesto Marini’s belief in organic farming sourced from all around the world. Take a moment to relish in special cuts like Angus Beef sourced from Australia, freshly grown produce from private farms in the highlands to freshly grown herbs from the terrace of Marini’s on 57’s very own intimately cultivated herb garden.

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