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Gourmet Temptations: 5 Appetizers That Melt In Your Mouth

Gourmet Temptations: 5 Appetizers That Melt In Your Mouth


The finest of dinners require a well-thought combination of vintage wines, curated appetizers, bespoke main courses, a variety of side dishes and luscious desserts. The role of an appetizer is to tease your senses, preparing your palette for what is next on the menu. The appetizer stands as a vital element in the gastronomy scene; to be savoured exquisitely and after being prepared with excellence, regardless of the cuisine that is chosen.

An artfully arranged platter of delicious starters with cured meats, toasted bruschetta, creamy artichoke dips, briny olives, fresh cut cheeses and other delectable entrees that are able to tickle your fancy; Italian appetizers are crowned as king, having invariably created alongside the freshest ingredients, that bring out the natural flavours and fragrances. For most epicureans, authentic Italian appetizers are defined as a world of true sensory pleasure arising from aroma, sight and the many tastes of texture within the multitude of layers that make up just one appetizer.

For an opportunity to indulge in the true taste of the country, swing by Italy during one of your next European trips to seize the best of Italian antipasti. As you bid ‘buon viaggio’ and dwell upon the various facets of taste from their various regions, fret not as you will still be able to luxuriate in kosher Italian flavours in Kuala Lumpur city, at Marini’s on 57, the sophisticated locale for Italian contemporary cuisine.

Antipasti: A Tasty Realm Of Italy


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A beloved land rich in art, history and culture, the Italian culinary scene needs no introduction. Food plays an integral part of life’s greatest pleasures in Italy, with its common tradition in offering a range of appetizers before a main meal, called antipasti.

The term “antipasti” translates to “before the meal”, a dish that sets the stage to whet the appetite. In popular culture and values of Italy, antipasti are served in platters that is typically shared with others to cultivate togetherness.
Similar to French’s hors d’oeuvres, antipasti are a combination of small bites beautifully prepared and carefully selected with tasty items, usually accompanied with a bottle of wine.

From grandiose parties, jolly festive occasions to homely pleasures of family reunions, the culture of antipasti is widespread throughout Italy. Most Italian locales display antipasti buffet-style, where guests are free to serve themselves; for other venues, personal requests can be made where these plates are directly served at the table by experienced servers. These are normally consumed during their aperitivo hour with drinks before dinner.

Regardless of dining at a top-tier Italian restaurant or having a heavenly meal from the comfort of your home, antipasti should be given the utmost importance to be artfully presented with vivid colours and flavours to appeal to the eye and palate of your guests.
Bring a firestarter of dolce vita to your guests’ flaming appetite with the following savoury and authentic Italian antipasti, which By Marini’s will introduce in the next chapter.

Artisanal Epicurean Charms: 5 Of Italy’s Most Classic Appetizers



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The bruschetta may seem like an unpretentious slice of bread garnished in infinite varieties but this delectable dish is enjoyed dearly in the repertoire of all Italians. Many claim that eating these savoury slices at the very beginning of a meal elucidates nothing but simple deliciousness with quality ingredients that melt delightfully in your mouth.

While there are multiple Italian variants to dress the bruschetta, a traditional and most classic piece would consist of all fresh garden flavours: sun-ripened tomatoes, organic garlic, fresh basil and a drizzle of extra-virgin olive oil.

For true gourmands who would like to kick it up a notch, a divine bruschetta can be enjoyed with Alba’s in-season shaved truffles or savoury delights of prosciutto crudo slices and goose liver pâté.



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Crunchy crostini deserve a place on your plate as its colours and flavours bring life to any dining table. Not to be mistaken with bruschetta, crostini are thinly sliced toasted breads that are brushed with olive oil. They are normally used as a base, toasted until light brown, and then served with an assortment of savoury toppings such as pâté spreads, hard cheeses, caviar, cured meat and fruits.

Balance the variation of sweet and salty notes by adding your favourite ricotta cheese and fruity figs to these elegant crostini’s, a delicious yet versatile appetizer created to keep you going back for seconds.

Beef Carpaccio


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Sliced super-thin, the classic beef carpaccio is a true definition of an Italian appetizer that melts in your mouth. Typically it is made with beef sirloin, where raw slices are placed fresh on a dish along with arugula, seasoned with herbs, a squeeze of lemon relish, a drizzle of olive oil, topped with capers and shavings of white truffle. The exquisite dish can be extended containing other raw delights such as salmon, tuna, veal or venison which are great substitutes for beef.

If you are feeling adventurous with raw meats, spend your evening at the chic Italian restaurant, Marini’s on 57, to taste the elegant Tartare di Trota – a Signature antipasti dish comprising of Australian petuna ocean trout tartare served with Sicilian lemon mayonnaise, thyme and caviar.

Alternatively, relish the Carne Salada E Bagoss – house-made air dried beef served with baby spinach and Bagoss cheese foam. An appetising yet nutritious dish ideal for those seeking light and tasty foods.

Cannellini Bean Soup


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A comforting brothy soup with flavours reminiscent of the Tuscanian region in Italy. Italians simply indulge in this bowl of divinity made purely with legumes or white beans. Selection for good quality ingredients of chicken stock, slices of bacon and extra-virgin olive oil, creates a premium hearty soup with creamy consistency and authentic flavours.

Escape the evening downpour with this rustic dish, a delectable and protein-rich hot soup that turns in for a great festive meal. Begin the evening with a warmer taste at the pinnacle of the city, where Marini’s on 57 offers the palatable Zuppa di Cannellini, a creamy and hearty potage that warms up the soul.



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If you are looking for beautiful yet divine antipasti to savour like a true Italian, the sumptuous caviar should be part of your appetizer menu. These luxurious pearls can be consumed deliciously on its own or served with crème fraiche on a petite blini. Impress the palate of your guests with these true gourmet caviar from Beluga, Sterlet, Ossetra and Sevruga sturgeons.

Discover the secrets of our finest caviar selections only at Marini’s on 57: Osetra and Beluga, served with crispy bread, blinis and assorted condiments. A luxe appetizer that comes with a choice of two Beluga vodka shots or a sophisticated glass of G.H. Mumm champagne.

Tease & Appease At Marini’s On 57: Revel In Luscious Appetizers

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Indulge yourself with the luxury of fulfilling your palates desires with colourful Italian antipasti from the ample menu: Marini’s Caviar Selection, Capesante, Variazioni Di Bufala and many unique creations hand-picked by the rising entrepreneur and founder of The Marini’s Group, Cavaliero Modesto Marini.

Crafted in perfection with top-quality ingredients, expect a multitude of distinctive flavours and aroma which you cannot find else where besides Marini’s on 57, the highest rooftop bar and contemporary Italian restaurant in Kuala Lumpur. Tease and pamper the palate with the right potpourri of antipasti along with a glass of wine, before indulging a full feast of deliciousness.

Sit down and take delight of the elegantly mesmerising ambience along with authentic Signature dishes served right before your eyes. Marini’s on 57 elevates your dining experience to the soaring skies before an unforgettable scenery of the city skyline.

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Besides the culture of serving antipasti, Italians take the aperitif ritual just as seriously. Discover how Italians begin their evening with the aromatic aperitifs in our recent article: Let Aperitif Inflame Your Palate.

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