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Four common cocktail myths, as debunked by our mixologists

Four common cocktail myths, as debunked by our mixologists


Four common cocktail myths, as debunked by our mixologists

Is expensive liquor always better than the cheaper stuff? Do energy drinks get us drunk faster? Are there really any savoury cocktails, and do single shots of spirits all contain the same calories? 

Next time you’re having a few drinks at a swanky bar, impress your company with your knowledge of mixology by regaling them with a few facts from our mixologists here at Marini’s on 57. You might even surprise the bartender with your knowledge.

Myth One: More expensive alcohol always tastes better than less expensive counterparts

High Quality Gin

More expensive alcohol always tastes better than less expensive counterparts

Ask any mixologist and they’ll tell you that more expensive doesn’t always mean better.

Take Tanqueray London Dry Gin, for example, in comparison to Tanqueray’s No. 10 Gin. Tanqueray 10 is pricier than regular Tanqueray, and so people would be right to assume the more expensive gin is better for an afternoon gin and tonic.

But it all depends on how you use it.

If you were preparing a classic gin and tonic you’d actually want to choose the regular Tanqueray with its juniper-heavy notes. Tanqueray 10 has fruitier, more floral notes, and consists of up to eight different ingredients. Classic Tanqueray has only four, so the flavours are more assured.

This is just one example, but the lesson is that more expensive doesn’t make it better. You need to look at the alcohol’s qualities in order to work out how best to put it to use – and price is no reflection on that.

Myth Two: There are no savoury cocktails

Bloody Mary Savory Cocktail

There are no savoury cocktails

At first thought, most people would find it hard to name a savoury cocktail. Most cocktails either have a bitter or sour note, and savoury is truly rare.

There is at least one, however, that many of us forget. Introducing the Bloody Mary, the perfect cure for hangovers everywhere.

Consisting of tomato juice and vodka at its base, the Bloody Mary is built upon with the introduction of Worcestershire sauce, Tabasco sauce, beef consommé and even celery, olives, black pepper and celery salt. You can see why it’s been dubbed the world’s most complex cocktail, and done right, the Bloody Mary is spectacular.

Myth Three: All single shots of alcohol contain equal calories

Marini's on 57 Spirits

All single shot of alcohols contain equal calories

If you want to have a lighter night than your friends around you look no further than the good ole’ Russian favourite: vodka.

Vodka has the lowest number of calories for a single shot at 60 calories. A typical shot of whisky will cost you 70 calories, tequila and rum will cost you 96 calories and brandy sets you back over 100 calories.

Although it may be a small amount it does add up after a heavy night, and it all counts towards your daily intake.

Myth Four:  Energy drinks mixed with alcohol get us drunker

Red Bull Can On Marini's on 57

Energy drinks mixed with cocktails get us drunker

This is another myth that’s ready to be finally debunked.

When we drink energy drinks with alcohol (let’s say, a vodka Red Bull), we feel like we’re getting more drunk, but what’s actually happening is our body is absorbing the caffeine from the Red Bull, an energy tonic, which helps us focus. This makes us think we’re more sober than we are.

We then keep drinking, thinking that we’re neither drunk nor tired. Then the caffeine wears off and your drunkenness hits you hard. So you don’t actually get drunker, you just feel like you are due to the delayed reaction.

Impress your mixologist

The next time you hit up a bar, be ready to let your mixologist know you’re not going to complain if he reaches for the cheaper gin – you know he knows best.

And now you’ll know how not to get drunk on energy drinks, you’ll be leaner by sticking to pure vodka and you can cure your hangover the next day with a Bloody Mary. Perfect!

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