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Gorgeous Spring Salads For The Gods And Goddesses

Gorgeous Spring Salads For The Gods And Goddesses

By Marini's, Food

Gorgeous Spring Salads For The Gods And Goddesses

Somnolent winter days are long gone, ushering in the salubrious spring season. Cold breeze turns warm and temperate, restful faunas are finally awakened and the flora goddesses are seen blooming graciously in bright yet pleasing hues. While the winter is known as an opportunity for loved ones to get together, binging on spreads of food deliciously made with love and sipping away glasses of bubblies, many have admitted to packing on the unwanted holiday calories from these sinful indulgences. 

Vowing to eat better is usually easier said than done, but it is never too late to make changes to your diet before you can flaunt away an aesthetic physique this summer. However, the transition to healthy eating would be made smoother if wholesome foods were something to gush about – fresh, colourful and flavourful. Trading in festive treats and sweet cocktails for kale and lemon infused water, part of the diet that ensues is accompanied by the insalata, or more commonly known as the salad.

Salads are a great and strategic way of serving fibrous goodness into a meal. When done right, high-fiber salads bring you a string of health benefits, richly-packed with nutrients that taste delicious. A simple toss of your favourite vegetables and ingredients mixed together will increase the satisfaction within an individual while losing calories and keeping the stomach fulfilled.

A Leafy Tale Through The Ages

Fresh Vegetables

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The word “salad” is derived from the Latin word “sal” which literally translates to salt. During the historical gladiator times, the Romans had a penchant for leafy green delights and have enjoyed savouring them with salt as an ingredient in the dressing.

Not differing far from present-day salads, they were commonly served as the first course of meal as popular medical practitioners, Hippocrates and Galen, strongly believed that raw vegetables easily slipped through the digestive system. With the fall of Rome, salads turned less of an essence in western Europe but still remained a feature in the European menu via medieval Spain and Renaissance Italy.

As time progressed, salad greens which were initially served raw, became more demanding with complexed recipes. Composed salads assembled with layers after layers of unique ingredients were enjoyed in the 18th century, called Salmagundi. In today’s culinary scene, they are known as the chef’s salad.

The modern salads we find today function as an essential starter to a meal, naturally in sync with a healthy lifestyle. Salad gained popularity due to its fast trend with A-list celebrities, it is no wonder how a simple dish has turned into an essential appetising dish over a haute cuisine meal. In this day, leafy greens are no longer just a starter dish as the humble salad has now stepped up its game with innovative yet delicious recipes, often seen securing a spot within the variety of main dishes of a menu.

By Marini’s introduces a series of delectable spring salads that will tantalise your tastebuds with their exquisite nature, deeply rooted in a history of culinary resourcefulness, making it a golden fit for tables of gods and goddesses alike.

Exotic And Exquisite Spring Salads Fit For Goddesses

Rejuvenating Rucola

Chicken Salad

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Rucola or better known as arugula, acts as a gourmet item in a variety of healthy dishes. The wonderfully flavoured leaf adds a peppery bite and a new dimension to your green bowl, for a simple yet delightful weekend repertoire.

An acquired taste to some, as the aromatic arugula gives a kick to the senses with its’ slight mimic to the true flavours of wasabi, it is antioxidant-laden and low in calories, where the rich fibre contents in the rucola will keep you feeling full for longer while exuding a rejuvenating effect.

A Naturally Nutty Affair

Almond Nuts

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If you think salads are all about green leaves and your vinaigrette sauce, prepare to change your world. Nuts have come to play as a starring role in green salads, replacing toasted croutons as a healthier choice. A handful of nutty crunch makes a great addition to a salad dish, providing you a dose of healthy fats with textures at every bite.

Unleash the goddess in you with a crunchy affair of energy-dense superfoods such as our specialty dish, Insalata Di Sedano Rapa only at Marini’s on 57. A fresh celeriac salad served with creamy goat cheese mousse and roasted pecan nuts complete with delightful textures and flavours.

The Classic Nicoise

Salad with Meat

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Light, vibrant, and loaded down with fresh green delights of every colour. The classic Nicoise salad is the epitome of France, a traditional recipe from the southern region that is composed with flavourful ingredients artfully arranged on the plate.

By keeping the meal fresh and interesting, the Nicoise salad is fully dressed in a tangy vinaigrette and then tossed to a well-mixed perfection. Anchovies are considered to be the key item to the classic Nicoise salad while there are those who prefer to enjoy it with other fish options like canned fish or grilled tuna steak.

Discover the true tastes of the classic Nicoise Salad, a signature choice at M Marini’s Caffe, an alluring locale where one could dine in style within the vicinity of Seventh Avenue brands.

Tickle Pink Over Seafood

Seafood Shrimp Salad

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From luxurious Boston lobsters to the red prawns of Sicily, a seafood salad is an excellent choice for a sumptuous meal that is energizing and delicious. Gently cooked and marinated seafood such as shrimp, mussels, calamari, lobsters or salmon not only tastes marvelous but adds contrast to the aesthetically pleasing dish. Just perfect for spring.

Igniting The Appetite With Gorgeous Green Delights

Food Decoration

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Creating an exquisite and delightful salad dish requires the right blend of ingredients. Cavaliere Modesto Marini, the rising star and founder of The Marini’s Group, grasped the art of using only the freshest and simplest ingredients that will turn succulent greens into culinary masterpieces.

Indulge yourself with the luxury of satiating your palates with vibrant salad dishes that are perfectly crafted and carefully presented. Savour the classic yet sensational creations; Insalata Di Sedano Rapa and Carne Salada E Bagoss.

Enchant your senses to a magical world of Italian contemporary dining, Marini’s on 57, where you can expect a mesmerizing ambience that elevates your dining experience in savouring sought-after spring salad dishes accompanied with a glass of wine.

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