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Historic Tradition Meets Flavour Explosion: A Wine Map Of France

Historic Tradition Meets Flavour Explosion: A Wine Map Of France


Historic Tradition Meets Flavour Explosion: A Wine Map Of France

Wines are like gemstones; the best ones are rare, and the tasting experience is unique with a multitude of facets on the tasting notes. Time spent dining away in the world’s best restaurants has always been paired with excellent vintage from all over the globe, especially wine from France, being a huge producer of some of the world’s most sought after labels.

Wine culture to the French is part of everyday life in France. The art of French wine portrays the similitude of Frenchmen, parading upon the finest things in life with purity and elegance. French wines are what enthusiasts crave most, offering a fascinating range of vintages suitable for wine connoisseurs at any occasion.While you explore the land of love, no delectable foods would be complete without a fine glass of quality wine. You experience every sip with pleasure that arises you to a myriad of senses from taste, smell and texture.

While you explore the land of love, no delectable foods would be complete without a fine glass of quality wine. You experience every sip with pleasure that arises you to a myriad of senses from taste, smell and texture.The complexity of France’s wine system is renowned

The complexity of France’s wine system is renowned to be superior; precise yet eloquent as they can be labelled red, white or Champagne, but it does not end here. The map of French wines is specific with a variety of vineyards and appellations that cover across regions, districts and smaller towns in the country. The narrower the area, the more exclusive the taste and expensive that bottle of wine becomes.

Discover the excellence of French winery with a historic tour around the fabulous wine regions of France with By Marini’s in the following section.

Gastronomic Temptations: The Top Vineyard Regions Of France

French Wine


Among all the appellations in France, Champagne was the symbol of success, opulence and the country itself as it has gained worldwide recognition for its historic region of fine wines. It is the prime location where the production of sparkling white wine carries the name of the region, thus the popular “champagne” was born and familiarised by many today. As inimitable as a wine can be, Champagne comes from a unique and certified combination of climate, soil and grapes.

By Marini’s have showcased how champagne once brought its name up. Discover the secret behind the bubbles of sparkling wine and champagne.


Another region that brings a whole significance to the wine industry, Bordeaux, is second only to the famous Champagne region. Red wines from this part of France would mark the spotlight but the local winemakers have not forgotten the essence of whites as well. The red wines are often fruity in taste that complements most meat dishes such as Wagyu; whereas the whites are light and refreshing that add a certain complexity to almost any dish.

Popular as one of the world’s most influential and distinct wine regions, Bordeaux is home to the refined Cabernet-Merlot blends. Wines of Bordeaux come in diversity, which could go from fair priced to very expensive, all depending on the aging potential.


The birthplace of both the sophisticated Pinot Noir and Chardonnay, Burgundy is said to be the region that produces wines for the senses. The Burgundy region of eastern France makes red Burgundy, notable for their scents of red fruits which is from Pinot Noir grapes; while the white Burgundy is made from Chardonnay, producing extraordinary white wines known for their aromatic qualities.

Burgundy is the only one among all wine regions in the world that is heavily influenced by its terroir. Simply put, the terroir is a concept where grapes are grown from the environmental conditions of a particular land which gives it a unique value, particularly wine that is produced from that single vineyard. Ergo the Burgundian wines are very exclusive and considered to be the most expensive bottles in the market.

French Wine

Rhône Valley

Dense and powerful are the wines that come from Rhône Valley, the second largest wine-growing region in France that are divided into two valleys rich in heritage: the Septentrional vineyard where vertigo mountain ranges are seen at the north, and the Meridional vineyard that takes pride of its gentle hillsides at the southern region.

The appellation is huge and diverse, so it comes as no surprise that the range of wines produced are just as extensive and variable in prices. Rhône Valley takes you to some of the most famous wines produced like Côte-Rôtie, Hermitage and Beaumes-de-Venise.


Alsace is known widespread as the white wine capital of France, found in the far east along Rhine River that sets the boundaries between France and Germany. The scenic region and distinct terroirs of Alsace is blessed with impressive conditions, being one of the driest spots in France to produce top-tier white wines and sparkling wines unlike anywhere else.

Winemakers take a great deal of time on cultivating the unique taste notes of Alsacian wines, offering rich texture and a thrill of acidity from the refined alcohol. Its diverse range of wine styles and flavours from the sought-after Alsace unveils fresh minerality and irresistible aromas of fruits and flowers with every sip.

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Marini’s On 57 – Where The Sophistication Of Wine And Unrivalled Luxury Entwine

French Wine

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Wine at Marini's on 57

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