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Kick-Start Your F1 Weekend At Marini’s On 57 With Simon Dunmore Of Defected Records

Kick-Start Your F1 Weekend At Marini’s On 57 With Simon Dunmore Of Defected Records


Kick-Start Your F1 Weekend At Marini’s On 57 With Simon Dunmore of Defected Records

The roar of the engines is approaching. Formula 1 is coming to the capital once again, and so is Marini’s on 57 Annual F1 Party Paddock in the Sky, the most exclusive and sought-after event of the year.

Previous editions have seen the special participation of amazing guest stars like Joey Negro and Danny Rampling. The former is a legendary DJ who has collaborated with famous singers as Diana Ross, Kelly Rowland and Mariah Carey; the latter is one of the leaders of the British club scene as well as source of inspiration for perhaps the most respected name in the industry, David Guetta.

This year, Simon Dunmore, founder of Defected Records will be gracing Marini’s on 57s Annual F1 Party Paddock in the Sky.

So start your engine up and prepare yourself for the drive of a lifetime at none other than Marini’s on 57, Malaysia’s most iconic rooftop bar.

Simon Dunmore At Marini’s On 57, Exclusively

DJ Simon Dumore

This year’s grand party, which will take place September 30, will be the most astonishing ever, as ‘Defected in the House’ and its founder Simon Dunmore will take Kuala Lumpur City by storm for one exclusive night. The founder and owner of Defected Records is going to spin exclusively at Marini’s on 57.

Defected, the world’s leading independent house music label, is synonymous with superior house music. Established in January 1999, it has been defining the scene over the years, selling millions of records globally, and continuously evolving on its way to becoming the ultimate global authority in the genre.

The electrifying ‘Defected in the House’ events are regularly held worldwide at the most iconic places like London’s Ministry of Sound and Ibiza, and every time they draw the attention of thousands of people galvanised by the most inspiring sound in the house world.

“Defected is known for their music and world class event, and we are honoured that Simon will be here to make the Marini’s on 57 experience an extraordinary one.” – Modesto Marini, founder and owner of Marini’s on 57

Unique Cocktails For A Unique Night

Marini's on 57 Cocktails

To celebrate the ongoing F1 season in wondrous fashion, Marini’s on 57 expert mixologists have conceived original and delightful F1-inspired cocktails, which will be available just for this one special night.

  • HAAS Team cocktail
    A cocktail made with Maker’s Mark, Malibu rum, fresh lime juice, fresh pineapple juice, sugar syrup and angostura bitter, which has the audacious taste of novelty and discovery of the newly founded Haas Team.
  • FORCE India Team cocktail
    Plain, yet marvelous as the team of the same name, which is having one of its best seasons so far. Created with Midori and orange juice, this cocktail delights with its simplicity and surprises with its superb flavour.
  • MANOR Team cocktail
    Skillfully crafted with Beefeater, Luxardo cherry, fresh lemon wedges, elderflower syrup, and mint, this is a sweet drink that gives its best until the end, in true Manor Team spirit.
  • FERRARI Team cocktail
    This not-to-be-missed cocktail is dedicated to the Italian racing team. Made with Havana 3, fresh strawberry, house-made strawberry syrup, fresh lime juice and San Fellto, it has the Cavallino’s unmistakable red colour, and the unforgettable flavour of passion and success.

All these unequalled cocktails will be available at Marini’s on 57, for this time only. Seize this one-time-only opportunity to savour at least one of them.

Defected: Marini’s On 57 Did It First

DJ Simon Dunmore - Defected in the HouseThe impressive views of the colossal Petronas Towers, the classy environment, the exclusive handmade cocktails, all the glamour of Formula 1 and ‘Defected in the House,’ the best music in Malaysia, are the recipe for a premium night of entertainment.

Indulge in the sound of one of the most respected DJs ever, celebrate a milestone in the country’s house music scene and kick-start your Formula 1 weekend with Marini’s on 57.

Event: F1 Paddock Party In The Sky
Date: Friday, 30th September
Time: 9:00 pm onwards
Charge: RM 150 including 1 drink

Special promotion: New or existing Grab users can sign up using their credit/ debit card to enjoy RM20 off on their ride to and from this fancy event. Grab Code: MARINIS57

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