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Kuala Lumpur’s Premier Steakhouse Specialising In Dry-Aged Steak

Kuala Lumpur’s Premier Steakhouse Specialising In Dry-Aged Steak

By Marini's

Kuala Lumpur’s Premier Steakhouse Specialising In Dry-Aged Steak

Craving the perfect slab of steak cooked to your liking by chefs who have the same passion for it? Look no further than Marble 8, located in the heart of Kuala Lumpur City with stunning views of the iconic Petronas Twin Towers.

The ultimate secret to the finest steaks in the world can be found at the core of all reputable steakhouses worth their meat; walk-in cellars built specifically for the art of Dry-ageing prime slabs of beef and the quality and size of the salt they import to help with the process.

At Malaysia’s premium steakhouse – Marble 8, you can indulge in the best Wagyu and Angus beef exclusively handpicked by founder Modesto Marini. Here the beef and signature cuts are left to mature through the methods of Wet-Ageing and Dry-Ageing. This expensive method of refining the beef allows microbes to do their magic in making the steak more flavoursome and tender. As such, it results in the complexity of flavours that complement the palate.

The strong-standing ties that Modesto Marini has with the Menegazzo family (Stanbroke, Australia) allows Marble 8 guests exclusive access to some of the most premium quality steak in Malaysia. Signature Cuts presented on the menu are also an exclusive treat to steak lovers, as these cuts are available only at   Marble 8.

Boneless Ribeye

Wagyu Beef

Richly flavoured, the Boneless Ribeye Wagyu is Dry-Aged for a minimum of 21 days, leaving it well-marbled and part of the staple diet of any steak aficionado. Its distinctive flavour comes from the decent amount of fat spread throughout the meat, making the signature cut a well-rounded choice. Lightly caramelised to perfection it goes well with the array of flavourful sides available on the menu; from creamy mash, steak fries with truffle mayonnaise, and green asparagus with egg mimosa and shaved parmesan. The prolonged ageing process of the meat is the ground basis to its striking taste. Complement your Boneless Ribeye Wagyu with a complementary sauce of your choice, beef au jus with Shiraz, mushroom ragout, Béarnaise, or peppercorn sauce with armagnac.

Tenderloin On The Bone

Wagyu Beef

Indulge in Marble 8’s signature Tenderloin On The Bone for meat lovers who want a more tender steak with no frills. Imagine slicing through a tenderloin so lean and succulent, that your knife simply glides through the meat. On the palate expect a depth of beef and tinge of musk. Tenderloin On The Bone has a buttery texture and comes with its bone still attached, giving it an intensity of bovine flavours due to the Dry-Ageing process where meat dries on bone. The resulting steak is a more concentrated flavour. Order this cut with a side of Caesar salad with crunchy garlic croutons, crispy beef bacon and shaved pecorino for the perfect balanced meal. The Chef recommends this cut to be served medium rare.

Black Angus Cajun Ribeye

Wagyu Beef

For Wet-Aged steak enthusiasts, we present the Black Angus Cajun Ribeye. The juiciness of this well-prepared delicacy is a journey of its own. Melting with flavours that simply burst in your mouth, the combination of herbs and spices is a cross between fiery perfection and bovine delight.

The Black Angus Cajun Ribeye, perfectly marbled fairs well at being cooked well-done but showcases its uniqueness when ordered medium rare to medium. To give it that extra edge, squeeze a bit of the lemon that was served alongside it, along with a pinch of your salt preference over each piece adorning your fork. Side dishes we recommend to go with this steak are the baked Portobello mushrooms and creamed baby spinach.

Get lost in Marble 8’s Signature Cuts and enjoy answering the question of ‘shall it be Dry-Aged or Wet-Aged tonight?’ as you indulge in timeless cocktails and imported cigars.

Enjoy signature beef cuts at Marble 8

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