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Lobster: How A Posh Delicacy Has Ascended The Social Ladder

Lobster: How A Posh Delicacy Has Ascended The Social Ladder


Lobster: How A Posh Delicacy Has Ascended The Social Ladder

For centuries lobsters have been distinctively celebrated as a luxury commodity and a well-favoured delicacy amongst those well-to do, celebrities, magnates and high-profile personalities. You will only find this most beloved marine crustacean offered as a gourmet dish at extravagant dining venues, as food connoisseurs with the discerning taste for lobster recipes and an austere appreciation of its value usually come together to partake in its juicy, delicious, and sweet meat.

Contrary to popular belief, the origins of these luxury lobsters originated from an unfavourable history. The existence of lobsters once garnered a reputation of being pauper’s food for the indentured servants and prisoners due to the unimaginable abundance discovered at Massachusetts Bay Colony by the first European settlers.

In the early 1800s, the crustaceans that washed ashore in piles were believed to be the least desirable food to be consumed and were looked upon as signs of poverty. Eventually, the idea of eating lobsters daily were frowned upon by the public that the Native Americans would use them as crop fertilisers and fishing bait.

After the 1830s, when the American railway system was developed and the production of canned food soared, the availability of lobsters dwindled phenomenally which propelled its status to a luxury item. This has resulted as an eye-opening opportunity to stock up canned lobsters on board the railway system where they were sold inexpensively.

Wealthy passengers were served lobsters which they deemed rare and irresistible, even though lobsters were sold at a bargain price at that time. As the desirable lobster caught the eye of the railway travellers, aristocratic residents of New York and Boston followed suit by securing lobsters as an opulent seafood delicacy.

World War II struck and consequently lobsters were not limited by the United States. The exquisite treat became a welcoming fare to people of all walks of life, allowing them to discover its deliciousness with full enthusiasm. By the 1950s, the lobsters flourished as a supreme delicacy priced expensively, where only families of the rich would order them for occasions of grandeur and pageantry. Leading up to present day, rare dainties such as caviar, oyster and lobster recipes are attainable extensively in high-end restaurants.

Lobster Tail Crowned As The Key Flavour
Lobster Recipes

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A never ending discussion on which of these two favourite parts of a lobster is the most prized and best devoured: the tail or the claw. Many claim that the lobster tail meat is most worth indulging, as you substantially get more lobster goodness. Albeit its meat being more fibrous than the claws, the shell tails are seemingly lighter and thinner, creating versatility during the food preparation. The tail can be cooked in great consistency while retaining its juiciness within the flavourful shells; be it broiled, steamed or pan-fried. In this day, inventive food creators would often use lobster juices from its tail as a key element to create palatable broths and various sauces.

Some others favour the lobster claws for its sweet flavour and tender meat, but it can be found slightly lacking in terms of edible ratio. Nevertheless, those experiencing a fine lobster dinner would satisfy their appetites with the generous meats found on the tail, or sometimes enjoy other parts of the lobster such as the body. In the end, it boils down to an individual’s personal preference of a certain texture and flavour.

If you wish to surprise your significant other to a romantic dinner comprising of top-grade lobsters, head down to one of The Marini’s Group’s noteworthy establishments – the contemporary Italian restaurant, Marini’s on 57 or the city’s most premium steakhouse locale, Marble 8.

As an alternative to feasting on lobsters at a classy destination boasting marvellous views, one should break away from the norm by inviting guests over for a spread of lobster recipes. Envision them salivating over a homespun yet delicate hors d’oeuvres that will curb any hankerings for shellfish. While there are a variety of delectable lobster recipes, indulge into one of our favourites, Aragosta al Prosecco, which is a classic yet sensational creation.

Lobster Recipes: Aragosta al Prosecco – A Splash Of Elegance
Lobster Recipes

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The sweet and delicate lobster meat leaves a tantalising satisfaction bursting with flavours when it meets the sparkling Prosecco. Glorify the queen of the sea with a splash of spumante in this wonderful recipe.

Ingredients for 4 people:

  • Lobster, 500 g
  • Prosecco, 1 glass
  • Egg yolk, 3
  • Tarragon, 1 branch
  • Chervil, 1 branch
  • Laurel, 2 leaves
  • Butter, 120 g
  • Salt
  • Pepper

To prepare a mouth-watering Aragosta con Prosecco, start by boiling half a glass of Prosecco with 1 branch of chervil and tarragon. When left with half of the original quantity of the Prosecco poured in the glass, transfer it to a bowl on a hot saucepan. Add 3 egg yolks and beat the eggs with a whisk. Once the sauce thickens, remove it from the saucepan and add 100g of butter. Keep mixing, and then pour it through a small colander. Sprinkle a dash of salt and pepper.

Sear the lobster in salt water and perfume it with half glass of Prosecco. Slice the lobster in half and lightly sear it on a pan for 4 or 5 minutes – the part where you applied your cut must be facing the bottom of the pan – with a little amount of butter, 2 laurel leaves, salt and pepper to season. Extract the flesh and cut it into pieces, then serve it on a plate to your friends or loved one as the delicate starter of a delightful dinner.

Please your guests with an antipasto worthy of a king, and they will plead for another invitation the next time you concoct a succulent lobster-based dinner. Enrich the flavours of your fresh lobster by pairing it brilliantly with a sensual bottle of Italian wine, from sweetly styled whites to full-bodied reds. Discover about the Rolls-Royce of Italian wine from our article: Cav. Modesto Marini Guides You Through Six Of The Best Wine Regions In Italy.

Should you not be a chef at heart and prefer a delicate ambience to savour a sublime lobster dish, experience the quintessential dining fare that The Marini’s Group has to offer.

The Most Memorable Lobsters Only At The Marini’s Group
Lobster Recipes

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Lobsters are savoured omnipresent, but exquisite ones are sought-after. The experienced and award-winning chefs at The Marini’s Group have years of knowledge and practice in unbeatable creation of lobster recipes, as well as any other dainty.

Cav. Modesto Marini, founder and owner of the exquisite contemporary Italian restaurant Marini’s on 57 and Kuala Lumpur’s most prestigious steakhouse Marble 8, hand picks only prime quality of lobsters in the world for his elite guests. The myriad of excellent dishes from its prix fixe menu by The Marini’s Group are distinctive, innovative and delicious.

Visit Marini’s on 57 and relish the Cappellini all’Aragosta, a portentous dish made of silky angel hair pasta, superior Maine lobster tail and fresh tomato sauce for an added zest of flavour. Indulge in the Live Boston Lobster at Marble 8, a fresh catch expertly prepared in unique modus operandi – grilled in shell with spaghetti aglio olio or Thermidor style with mushrooms and parmesan cheese.

Discover the reason why the lobster has transcended its boundaries – from the depths of despair to evolving ultimately as the queen of culinary in this modern day. A scrumptious bite is all it takes.
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