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Love Affair With Caviar: Perfect Pairings For A Memorable Experience

Love Affair With Caviar: Perfect Pairings For A Memorable Experience


Love Affair With Caviar: Perfect Pairings For A Memorable Experience

The holiday season is truly the ultimate opportunity to splurge lavishly for an opulent yet memorable celebration. The caviar is one of the perfect ways to rejoice in the significance of a new year which fulfills the palate before an exciting journey of culinary feast begins.

While there are a myriad of grandiose bite-sized appetisers being served today, the exquisite caviar is an ultimate classic that should not be missed. The delicate, luxurious and magnificent caviar represents the pinnacle of fine dining, offering a crisp bite of the ocean for those seeking a different and sophisticated medley of flavour. The miniature black pearls pop subtly in the mouth, and linger on your tongue with a robust brininess, where various flavour tickles your taste senses in mere seconds.

Gourmands will pay exorbitant prices for a small serving of this mysterious luxury that is indulgent and delectable to the extreme. Rare and delicate to handle, it is considered the hallmark of luxury in the culinary world along with other decadent foods. Most caviars, such as the beluga, sterlet, osetra and sevruga are considered to be exquisitely flavoured.

To some, the caviar carries an acquired taste and can be quite costly, but a small jar of fine caviar can go a long way when served with the proper accompaniments. Build your anticipation as By Marini’s presents to you the classic combinations of glistening grains to ring in the holiday season.

Luxury Drinking With Caviar
Caviar and Wine Pairing

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If preparing palatable meals based on caviar is an art, pairing it with the right beverage requires an even higher finesse to achieve a perfect balance. However, you should never spoil the caviar tasting experience with a bad choice of drink to accompany these tantalising savoury beads.

  • ChampagneCaviar and Champagne is one of the perfect marriage in culinary art, and a most classic pairing. The crisp flavours and exquisite bubbles of the Champagne creates a balance to the saltiness and silky richness that the caviar exudes. Savour the opulent caviar with sips of Blanc de Blanc for its Chardonnay notes bring out the intense flavours of the divine
  • VodkaThe pairing of caviar and vodka have been linked centuries throughout the world of gastronomy especially in eastern Europe. Similar to the wine and cheese, caviar and vodka is perhaps the best and most authentic partner for the another. Pure vodka should be served in chilled glass flutes, as this keeps the distinct flavours and textures of the caviar.
  • Chilled BeerBreaking away from conventional beverages like Champagne and vodka is a glass of cold and refreshing beer. Interestingly, it makes a most unique and excellent accompaniment to caviar. Those who prefer savouring caviar with light beers would perhaps go for Corona Light but some prefer richer textures like a heavy ale to perfectly match the brilliant flavours of caviar.

After exploring the extraordinary world of caviar and beverage pairings, let us walk you through on what foods match the uniquely delicious flavour of roe.

Traditional And Exquisite Food Pairings
Caviar and Wine Pairing

* Images used are for illustrative purposes only

Many connoisseurs will argue that the only way to savour caviar is to enjoy it simply served in its chilled crystal bowl, using a mother-of-pearl or bone spoon to lift it without affecting the taste. As delicious as caviar can be, the experience would not be complete unless eaten as a garnish along with its perfect accompaniments:

  • Toast pointsEnjoying caviar doesn’t have to be complicated. If you aren’t savouring caviar on its own, settle for our ultimate favourite; toast points. Simple yet delicious, white breads are commonly used and then shaped into bite sized shaped with crusts trimmed off. Toasted to perfection, served plain or buttered with dill-flecked sour cream and a small dollop of caviar on top.
  • BlinisEasy to make and a truly authentic Russian method of savouring the caviar, the petite blinis are tiny pancakes that are usually spread with crème fraiche and topped with a spoonful of caviar. We highly recommend indulging in this classic accompaniment with a fine glass of Champagne.
  • Potato and smoked salmonLast but not least another popular ingredient combination of starch, protein and brine that makes the list. Using the flesh from a baked potato, warp salmon, sour cream, fresh chives and a spoonful of your caviar choice. Not only delicious but also appealing to the eyes and perfect for impressing guests with a stylish way of serving caviar.

Savour Black Gold Only At Marini’s on 57
Caviar and Wine Pairing

The sophisticated caviar is an exceptional splurge that deserves nothing less than the same decadent ambiance and venue to savour and appreciate this luxury commodity. For this reason, Marini’s on 57 is the right location to elevate the New Year experience by relishing these sumptuous pearls.

Strike a luxurious note with appetizers of dark, decadent caviar on this elegant grounds of Marini’s on 57. Serving only the finest Russian caviar; Sevruga (900), Osetra (1390) and the opulent Beluga (2000), along with crispy bread, blinis, and assorted condiments that will help to elevate your palate to the next adventure.

Come experience caviar on a whole new level only at Marini’s on 57.

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