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Make Her Fall In Love With You This Valentine’s Day At Marini’s On 57

Make Her Fall In Love With You This Valentine’s Day At Marini’s On 57

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Are You Prepared For Valentine’s Day?

Not many days left to cross on the calendar before Valentine’s Day. Sweat beads your forehead, your hands go clammy, and your heart pounds in its cage. You wipe your hands on your pants and take a deep breath.

‘Oh dear! I haven’t made reservations yet…. She’s going to think I don’t love her!’ You clutch your hair, feeling quite at wit’s end.

What says I love you best on Valentine’s Day?’ You flip out your smartphone and look for answers online.

Valentine’s Day restaurant settings

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Ensure a Romantic Date Night at Marini’s On 57

So you make reservations at a glitzy venue: Marini’s on 57. Kuala Lumpur’s sophisticated rooftop Italian restaurant with bedazzling views. You know this will impress her.

How do you know your date is going to go well? What should you do to make sure the both of you have a good time?

Communicate so your love understands

The strategically romantic ambience at Marini’s On 57 on this night allows you to spark an unforgettable conversation with the love of your life.

A man needs to feel respected, needed, and appreciated. Ask him for help or for advice. Thank him and appreciate him when he contributes. Praise him on how knowledgeable he is.

Saying “you’re right,” makes a man puff out with pride.

A woman wants to feel included in a relationship. Including her in an important decision will make her feel closer to you. Ask her how she feels, and listen to her emotions. Acknowledge her points of view and what makes her unique. She wants to know she’s your special woman.

Body Language of Love

Couples have a choice between window seating (RM1999++ per couple) and normal seating (RM1599++ per couple). Sitting side-by-side with your partner establishes intimacy; close the gaps if you can between your seats to establish comfort within each other’s personal space. Avoid sitting directly across from him/her unless you’re ready to have a serious debate. 

Pay attention to eye contact. If your date blinks more than 10 times in a minute, that means he or she is attracted to you. Pupil dilation is another tell-tale sign; don’t worry, we’ll dim the lighting and help you look more attractive.

Tokens Of Love

You may be hungry for ideas on how to best shower your partner with tokens of love.

Once upon a time in ancient Mayan civilization, a king built two adjoining pyramids that were tombs for him and his queen to be laid to rest. When the sun rose everyday, it cast light across his and hers in a straight line.

Not too long ago, Richard Burton presented Elizabeth Taylor with a 68-carat diamond, which she wore to the 42nd Academy Awards.  

No matter how big or small the gesture, it is what your partner does for you that counts; action speaks louder than words.

A man is committed to you if he shows up regularly. He’s a keeper if he sends you off to work everyday, or cooks you a meal once a week.

This Valentine’s Day, we have prepared menus full of ambrosia which you can present to your lover as a token of love, whether you choose Marini’s On 57 or Marble 8. Choose from aphrodisiac starters to scrumptious main courses and intoxicating desserts.

Marini On 57 Valentine's Day Menu

Marble 8 Valentine's Day Menu

Dressing for Love

A romantic night out at our glamorous venue with its breathtaking cityscape views is the opportunity to dress up for the love of your life.

Women, feel free to doll yourselves up with a chignon a la Audrey Hepburn, cocktail or evening gowns, and sky-high stilettos.

Men, put on a tux with a tie or a bow to charm your date for the night!

Ensure a Romantic Date Night at Marini’s on 57

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“If you love someone, you want to treat them, surprise them, remind them how you feel.”


— David Beckham

Celebrate Your Love At Marini’s On 57

Imagine how you will feel after dinner on February 14th. Your date, a success. Delicious food, warm ambience, and breathtaking city views in all your photos.

You will always remember your partner’s sweet smile melting your heart, how she holds your hand firmly, and plants a kiss on your cheek.

That’s when you know all the time and effort paid off. Don’t forget to make a toast! You celebrate another milestone and look forward to the future together.

The essence of Valentine’s Day is to express your affection to the love of your life. Bring your date to a romantic night out on Valentine’s Day at Marini’s On 57. Who knows? She could be the one walking down the aisle with you.

Express Your Love At Marini On 57

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How do you express your love to your partner? Comment below and share your experience!

Make A Reservation On Valentine's Day

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