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Marini’s On 57 And Datin Shalini Ganendra Vibrantly Propelling Culture

Marini’s On 57 And Datin Shalini Ganendra Vibrantly Propelling Culture


Marini’s On 57 And Datin Shalini Ganendra Vibrantly Propelling Culture

This fall, from November 25 to November 27, art enthusiasts will be enthralled by the extraordinary voyage through the active and innovative culture scenes energising in the capital of Malaysia. Introducing the Gallery Weekend KL 2016, a rich mix of contemporary Malaysian art, multi-disciplinary narratives, global perspective and heritage. The inaugurating project embedded with the historical roots of Kuala Lumpur, offers a portal to established art exhibitions, museum shows and architecture walks. In addition, the agenda covers inspirational talks from multi-disciplinary visionaries of the Luminary Pulse Series, including Hanif Kara and Christopher Phillips.

Indulge In A Weekend Rich In Artistic And Culinary Pleasure

Art “A lot of people hold the notion that art appreciation, and collecting art, is an elitist hobby,
but it really doesn’t have to be.”
– Datin Shalini Ganendra

A one-of-a-kind weekend led by the Shalini Ganendra Fine Art Gallery, with her exclusive ‘living with art’ concept that revolves around the introduction of art into one’s home. The idea is to allow visitors to be immersed into the lifestyle of art and collecting masterpieces for their own enjoyment. Some of the most prominent names in the country are represented in the gallery — Zac Lee, known for his trademark fluid stores, Ru Yi Tan, an installation artist who is rising in Japan, and international personalities like Sanjeewa Kumara and Sujeewa Kumari, and Sir Roy Caline.

Marini’s on 57 will take part in the formidable event as the official gourmet partner. This luxurious collaboration will allow aficionados of high art to enjoy the most remarkable masterworks while savouring the delicious delicacies prepared by award-winning chefs at Marini’s on 57; who recently were presented with the 2016 Brand of the Year and 2016 Seven Star Seal of Excellence Award. Lovers of art and exclusive invitees will get the opportunity to complete the fascinating tour of the magnificent masterpieces with a luxurious dinner at Marini’s on 57, the lavish Italian restaurant in Kuala Lumpur where cuisine transforms into art.

Marini’s On 57: The Perfect Union Between Beauty And Delight

Rosalba Mangione

Marini’s on 57 is significantly renowned for unique sophistication, it’s environment enamoured with marvellous floor-to-ceiling windows that offer a 360-degree view of the impressive Petronas Towers, paired with carefully selected furniture that adds a different and extravagant touch to each of its beautiful three venues – its Italian restaurant, rooftop bar and lounge.

By virtue of Rosalba Mangione’s admirable artwork, the delicacies served at Marini’s on 57 are not only a cultural experience like no other, but the embodiment of beauty. The exceptional paintings by the Italian artist, hanging on the walls, lend the atmosphere a warm effect that has all the strength and colour of the inimitable Sicily, homeland of Rosalba Mangione. Modesto Marini himself strongly advocated this collaboration, as Rosalba Mangione’s paintings immensely increased value to Marini’s on 57 sophisticated ambience and dining experience.

Seize the rare opportunity to see some of the most inspiring creations by established names in the Malaysian art scene, and unite the beauty of the masterpieces with the pleasure of indulging in the delectable recipes that can be found only at Marini’s on 57. Because art tastes even better when your palate is delighted.

Exclusive Table Booking at Marini's on 57

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