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Men’s Spring / Summer Looks For 2016

Men’s Spring / Summer Looks For 2016


Men’s Spring / Summer Looks For 2016

Luxurious furs and long trench coats have long gone as we wave goodbye to 2015, and welcome in new spring and summer looks that will resonate throughout 2016. When it comes to the high fashion industry, you may think of the “big 4” – New York, London, Milan and Paris. What about Malaysia? The annual Kuala Lumpur Fashion Week introduces a different sort of avant-garde that attracts both Malaysian and international fashion designers to the city, connecting them throughout the week.

It is no surprise that big designers have had their say on what you’ve been wearing for the past few seasons and no doubt will continue to guide us in the future. Here are some of the more notable trends that will emerge in the Malaysian fashion scene that are sure to be added into your already bursting wardrobe by the end of this season.

Alta Moda Fashion

50 Shades of Grey

Left to right: Prada, Tom Ford, Todd Snyder

This hue is serious business – talking about the colour grey. In spring / summer 2016 the once called monotone shade has taken over the vibrant summery tones on the palette as is the most-widely chosen hue by fashion designers. This neutral shade brings emphasis to classic styles and complements most colour groups, so it can be worn in and out of the office, and from office to dinner. Talk about versatility.

Cuban Collar

Left to right: Reiss Antonio, Louis Vuitton, American Apparel 

Also known as the Cabana collar, this style has made its old-school comeback from the 1950s. To shake things up from the usual button-down look, give the Cuban collar shirt a go. Try it with a contemporary approach of plain designs tucked into loose trousers, or pair it with a clean denim. Keeping up with the modern look, a slim-fit cut is an unconventional style to boast aesthetic silhouettes.

Summer Layers

Left to right: Emporio Armani, Bottega Veneta, Salvatore Ferragamo

With jackets over sweaters, looking stunning would be an understatement. Deciding the most ideal outer clothing piece can be a challenge. In our warmer climate you would question the need to done what most would consider a non-essential items. However if you’re debating whether to invest in a jacket this time around, rest assured that it will carry you through the summer season and add a good investment to your wardrobe come winter.

Modern Street Wear

Graphic Prints

Source: James Long Spring Summer 2016 Collection

Don’t shy away from prints, as they are able to make a statement on your behalf, and may allow you to exclude a certain boldness and confidence just from wearing them. British fashion designer James Long created innovative knitwear consisting of abstract shapes and vibrant stripes that represents the uniqueness of loud prints, and gives whoever wears it a certain sense of inner confidence. If you are that bold to wear that loud a print, what can you not achieve if you put your mind to it?

Tonal Green

Left to right: Fendi, Gucci, Richard James

Colour play has turned into one of the main roles in fashion. The green palette has become the key point in the current issue of vogue (February 2016) which offers fresh, versatile and newness to a variety of looks. A handful of new-fangled green tones has even made their way to FENDI’s menswear Spring Summer collection 2016.

Baggy Trousers

Left to right: Craig Green, Giorgio Armani, Canali

Out with the skinny jeans and in with baggy trousers. This season you won’t find any more blood restricting pants as they have been replaced by a more comfortable, looser, and higher waisted shape. A more relaxed fit with fine tailoring will now offer the best way to allow your legs to circulate blood more healthily and allow your skin to breathe during these balmy days of summer. Watch Craig Green’s take on roomier styles for this season.

Local Picks


Left to right: Y-3, Bernard Chandran 

While the craze was started by women, men are increasingly turning to athleisure wear as well. This a la mode style is not only easy to wear and match but leaves you looking fashionable. Iconic Malaysian fashion designer Bernard Chandran released a Spring Summer 2016 collection heavily influenced in athleisure. Bloomed in Spring Summer 2015, this trend managed to land its foot to Spring Summer 2016 by stepping up its game with a fresher approach. You’d best know that the athleisure trend won’t be leaving any time soon as being fit and health has become the new ‘in’ thing on the Kuala Lumpur Social Scene.

Couturiers not only create menswear, but also the trendiest fashion for women. Look into this article on Women’s Spring/Summer Looks for 2016 to discover the hippest trends available this season for women.

Which of these styles do you prefer for this spring and summer? Let us know and leave a comment below.

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