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Mozzarella – The White Queen Of Mediterranean Cuisine

Mozzarella – The White Queen Of Mediterranean Cuisine


Mozzarella – The White Queen Of Mediterranean Cuisine

If your last vacation to Italy has reawaken the desire of discovering authentic and traditional tastes, you are in the right place. By Marini’s virtually takes you to the South of Italy on a new journey to explore the hidden truth behind the undiscussed “Queen of cheese”, mozzarella.

After appeasing your eyes with the pictures in this article, reading about their origins, traditional recipes and flavours, get ready to satisfy all your other senses and to feel the taste of our own white Queen by by booking a table at the restaurant. Or if you prefer to challenge your culinary skills, here’s a recipe to do so.

One Name, Many Legends

Once again, the history of this specialty is not as clear as its refined taste. What most people don’t know is that its goodness seems to hide a fascinating secret that we will reveal to you.

Legend brings the mozzarella back to a small village around Naples; here, according to popular belief, an Etruscan nymph shielded a secret, an exquisite food reserved only for the Gods, the original “Mozzata di Bufalo”. Milking the female buffaloes that were grazing her lands was part of her daily routine, and, after a mysterious process which involves milk and fire, she was ready for the “threading” of the curd. What was achieved was a soft pearly mixture that she cut-off (“mozzare”) in spherical pieces. The treasured “Mozzata” was then donated to the Gods.

Now you might be wondering, if the recipe was exclusively known by this nymph, how did mozzarella spread all over the world? Love. Yes, like most legends, it was all about love.


One day, while the nymph was approaching one of her rivers, she came across a young shepherd who was sleeping peacefully under a tree. His charm and beauty made her fall completely in love with him. As proof of her devotion, she naively revealed the secret of the “Buffalo Mozzata”, which in turn he passed on to the people in the neighbourhoods. When the Gods discovered that common mortals owned the secret of their beloved food, they were outraged and punished the young couple. They condemned them to wander around the marshes without being able to ever meet again. Ever since that day, during nights of the full moon, it is said that you are still able to hear the voices of the two lovers near these ancient swamps, calling to each other in vain.

When The White Queen Meets Its King

Mozzarella at Marini's Italian Restaurant

The romance does not end there. Porcelain white, smooth spherical surface, tempting scent, stringy texture, delicate flavour, the “White Queen of Mediterranean Cuisine” found its king, the Tomato; in the same Italian region where she was born. From their encounter, a precious delicacy was born: and this is what Italians call Caprese.

Traditionally coming from the gorgeous and exclusive Capri Islands, this dish is a representation of simple yet remarkable taste combinations. It can be served as a fresh appetizer or as the main dish for a light summer meal. Only taking 10-15 minutes to prepare, this decorative and elegant dish is still a crowd pleaser and favourite for various gatherings and parties. Though there have been different variations over the years and having gone through various cultures, here is the recipe of the original Caprese Salad  to impress your guests.

Mozzarella and Tomato dish

Ingredients For 4 People:

● 400 g large ripe tomatoes
● 500 g fresh mozzarella di bufala
● ⅓ cup fresh basil leaves
● Extra virgin olive oil
● Salt & pepper
● Oregano


Cut both your tomatoes and mozzarella into thick slices and alternate them on a large platter. Garnish with basil leaves and season with salt, pepper, oregano; and the final touch, a trickle of delicate extra virgin olive oil.

Authentic Flavours In KL

Mozzarella and Tomato dish

Unique, inimitable and savory at the same time, the only secret behind this colourful plate is the importance of using top-quality ingredients and time perfected techniques. Give yourself the luxury of having an authentic piece of mozzarella at Marini’s on 57. Make your online reservation now and take delight in our Chefs’ special dish Nuvola di Mozzarella: house-made burrata skin with mozzarella foam, so soft and delicate that it will melt in your mouth.

If you crave for more knowledge on classical Italian specialties, read our previous article on how you can Indulge In Italian Romance With Tiramisu.

Buon appetito!

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