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The Origins Of House Music: From A Niche Genre To Mainstream Following

The Origins Of House Music: From A Niche Genre To Mainstream Following


The Origins Of House Music: From A Niche Genre To Mainstream Following

After a mentally exhausting week in the office you’d be forgiven for counting down the minutes on Friday afternoon for a chance to unwind with some friends. However, the perfect party would never be complete without some catchy tunes. This is why DJs are fast becoming the next celebrities of the entertainment industry, even lesser known mix-masters are kings of their own adult playground, perched behind their elevated mixing tables. The reason being we love music, we don’t just listen to it, we enjoy moving along with it, letting it lift our moods and soothe the soul.

In the last few years, house music has been selected as the favourite genre among party goers. There is something deliciously sexy whenever the fine tunes of house music hits your eardrums. House has become a mainstream music genre with popular DJs like Avicii and Swedish House Mafia known to most people who listen to the radio. However, what you may not know is that the high tempo house beats have their origins stemming back to the early 80’s underground music scene in Chicago. Back then house was much deeper, raw and brand new. To appreciate music you should know its roots, so let’s take a look back on how house music came about.

The Origins Of House Music

In the early 80’s, Chicago was set as the blueprint for dance music culture, and it was this place that gave birth to the current mainstream genre we fondly know now as house music. Frankie Knuckles and Marshall Jefferson, known as the founding Godfathers of Chicago House – then offered one of the most extravagant experiences to their followers. They were able to blend old classics with new Eurobeat pop that created a new dimension to what became fondly known as Chicago House. This March, step back in time as Marini’s on 57 will feature for one night only, the legend himself Marshall Jefferson in their It’s All About House Music: Chicago bash.

Frankie Knuckles and Marshall Jefferson, founders of Chicago HouseAt the start, house music was mainly created by the African American community that produced their own musical traditions such as jazz, gospel and funk into house. The following house track from the 80’s enables you to hear disco tracks within the music but at the same time you can hear the beginnings of the first chapter of house music as we know it today.

The golden age of house music happened in the 90’s – the period whereby New York and London had taken the mantle from Chicago whilst creating a much darker sound. Just like hip-hop, the genre started off a niche but subsequently bloomed in the 90’s which drew greater attention to music enthusiasts. This track by Mood II Swing from 1997 perfectly captured the 90’s evolution of house, summing up with jazz funk-influenced melodies of deep sleazy sounds.

Through the years house music has evolved and constantly tops mainstream international charts. House music eventually evolved into a subdivision genre called Progressive House. If you think it all sounds like a lot of jargon, Progressive House borrowed elements of trance; the tracks tempo is dragged out before being dropped into a new beat. A fine example can be found by listening to ‘I Remember’ by Deadmau5 & Kaskade.

David Guetta

Today, house music has engaged many famous international DJs such as David Guetta and Hardwell, which has shaped up the mainstream house music culture we are well versed with today.

House music fans have been known to travel the world in search of a good party, but  unfortunately these DJs rarely play in Malaysia. Ibiza, Brazil, Europe and the America’s is where you’ll find them spinning to hordes of music lovers, sometimes reaching up to the hundreds of thousands in attendance, e.g. Ultra Fest running out of Miami which is soon to hit the shores of Singapore in September this year: Ultra Singapore 

Good news for KLites and those lucky enough to be in Malaysia in 2016 as Marini’s on 57 will be bringing in some of the biggest names on the international DJ circuit through their ‘It’s All About House Music’ series. Guests will be able to enjoy the impressive line-up of music legends as they spin and perform at Malaysia’s tallest rooftop bar, lounge, and restaurant for a special one night only performance. Amazing music, close proximity to the guest DJ, while you dance and groove along to a backdrop that consists of the Iconic Petronas Twin Towers and amazing views of the Kuala Lumpur City skyline; making your night at Marini’s on 57 one of the most memorable to remember.

Marshall Jefferson at Marini's on 57

The newest instalment of It’s All About House Music: Chicago will take place on Friday, 18th March 2016 and will feature one of the Godfathers of Chicago House – Marshall Jefferson, a legend in his own right who has had much to do with how Chicago House was shaped. Alongside this legend will be Marini’s on 57’s Jeff Jefferson and guest DJ Lee Kemp.

Get ready to dive into euphoric tracks by the master Marshall Jefferson himself, and elevate your senses on the dancefloor.

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Event: It’s All About House Music Series: Chicago House
Date: 18th March 2016
Time: 9pm onwards
Cover charge: RM88 nett
Reservations: +603 23866030

For more information please call 03 2386 6030 or email
Do you prefer old school house music or the current mainstream genre? Let us know below what sort of music you prefer and why.

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