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Red Prawns Of Sicily – The Exquisite Choice Of Shellfish In The Italian Gastronomy

Red Prawns Of Sicily – The Exquisite Choice Of Shellfish In The Italian Gastronomy

By Marini's, Food

Red Prawns Of Sicily – The Exquisite Choice Of Shellfish In The Italian Gastronomy

Sicilian Red Prawns Appetizer Antipasto

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The Sicilian Red Prawn: A Gem Under The Italian Seas

Italy is a nation lauded for bringing pleasure to taste buds the world over. Seafood represents a large part of Italian cuisine and the geography of Italy is what makes this so. Creations that draw inspiration and incorporate ingredients from the soaring seas are typically decadent in flavour and reputation. Prepared as antipasto and entrée, Italian shellfish is made for unhurried consumption. Italian cuisine succeeds at being both rustic and sophisticated, with the Sicilian red prawn (Aristaeomorpha foliacea) as a fine example. The giant red prawn is fished by specialised vessels from 200 up to 1000 metres ocean-deep.

Sicily being the largest of the Italian islands, located centrally in the Mediterranean Sea, has waters containing a collection of sea life often sought after globally, from tuna roe to clams. Only marine life of the finest lineage swim in the southwestern region of Sicily. The Sicilian red prawn is one of them and is often found scurrying on the Mediterranean and Atlantic Ocean floor. The surrounding water pressure of its habitat is what results in its indisputable texture and taste.

Regarded as a prime ingredient in Italian gourmet dishes, the gambero rosso has a cult following that extends across the globe. ‘Gambero rosso’ translates as ‘red prawn’. Its bright fiery red hue is a shell for a white and compact pulp. The melt-in-your-mouth texture and rich creamy flavour is what distinguishes it from its oceanic counterparts. This makes it more costly than most other small seafood, but the tasting experience is worth every cent. This rare and distinctive treat is best eaten raw as it is or tossed in fresh pasta dishes due to its delicate nature; the red prawn also goes well with fresh strawberries, apparently.  

Today, Italy’s delicious gastronomy can be relished around the world. From chain restaurants to trendy cafés to rooftop bars, Italian food is a familiar sight on every menu. As a crowd-pleaser, Italian cuisine exists as a feel-good mood boost. The succulence of the foods of Sicily such as the gambero rosso have been providing gratification for populace centuries long to this day.

A Minimalist Delicacy for a Modest Afternoon: Linguine with Red Prawn  

Fresh Linguine Prawns Dish Afternoon

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What better way to complement the refinement of gambero rosso than the elegance of linguine? Linguine is a top pasta choice for seafood because of its lightness and buoyancy. These quality crustaceans taste so exceedingly good that they need very little accompaniment; dropping them over a risotto would simply be too much. Read on for an effortless recipe ideal for a stay-in (alone or with company).

Ingredients for 4 people:

  • Red prawns, 8 pc
  • Linguine, approximately 400g
  • Cherry tomatoes, 4 cups and cut in half
  • Large red chilli
  • Rosemary, leaves finely chopped
  • Extra virgin olive oil, 1 and a half tablespoons
  • Garlic cloves, 12 and sliced in half
  • Salt & pepper


The first step to assembling this tantalising dish is to wash and shell the prawns. Drizzle some extra virgin olive oil in a frying pan, heat and introduce sliced garlic. Cook over a fairly gentle heat for 30 seconds without letting the garlic brown. Tip in the prawns and cook over high heat, stirring frequently for about 3 minutes until they turn pink in colour. Introduce the cherry tomatoes (washed and chopped beforehand) to the pan, stirring occasionally for 3 minutes until they just start to soften.

Toss in some finely chopped rosemary as well. Meanwhile, allow the spaghetti to cook in boiling salted water until al dente. Drain and place your pasta in a serving bowl and top with the pan-fried prawn mixture. Season with salt and pepper and drizzle some olive oil on top for an extra Italian touch.

To add a tinge of Asian to your Italian, sprinkle some freshly-chopped red chilli on top. As with genuine Italian cuisine, flavours are never permitted to drown each other out so be tentative with the seasoning. You will come to notice why the culinary culture of Italy favours simplicity as you savour each mouthful of intense flavour. You can also opt to enjoy the Sicilian red prawn in a more atmospheric setting, such as that of Marini’s on 57.

Enrich Your Palate & Perspective at Marini’s on 57

Venue Location Modern Amazing Views Marini's On 57

Your every desire stands to be fulfilled at Marini’s on 57

The only place to indulge in modern European gastronomy in the heart of Kuala Lumpur City. A medley of soothing melodies shepherds patrons at this restaurant, lounge and bar who indulge in the food, service and astounding views of Kuala Lumpur city.

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia’s bustling capital transforms at night time; and the illuminated landscape clears one’s headspace and reminds them of the power of the present moment.

The seafood selection here is always fresh and air-flown in from around the globe. Sicilian red prawns here are a highlight for their freshness and rarity, and Marini’s on 57 currently serves it in their current Windows of Winter menu.

A delicacy to try on the current menu is the Gambero Rosso di Sicilia, a serving of raw Sicilian red prawns accompanied by garlic crème anglaise, caviar & condiments. Just like Sicily, it is simple and timeless in itself. Start with red prawn as antipasto and go for seconds with a plate of Branzino del Medditeraneo fish (if you wish to continue answering your appetite for seafood). Sumptuous in taste and fresh in aroma, the seafood is always allowed to shine. Not forgetting that one needs something to sip on in between bites, Marini’s on 57 has an exquisite array to choose from. If you’re pondering over the perfect glass to pair with your plate, either sparkling wine or champagne would do well as a liquid companion.

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