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Your Safety Is Our Utmost Concern: Adhering to SOPs at The Marini’s Group

Your Safety Is Our Utmost Concern: Adhering to SOPs at The Marini’s Group


The Covid-19 pandemic has become a world issue, and at The Marini’s Group, we want to ensure that your health and safety is our utmost concern. We want to do our part in ensuring our patrons that their every need for hygiene and social distancing is taken care of, and it’s something that we all can work on together through these difficult times. Here, we’re sharing some of our SOPs with you to ensure that you will have the best experience with us.

Face Mask

Upon arrival at any of our outlets, we require our guests to always wear a face mask. This is to ensure that the safety of not only our patrons, but also our employees is taken care of. A face mask is a merely a minor inconvenience for the hygiene benefit of everyone.

Guest Registration

To ensure our patrons are taken care of every step of the way, we ensure that each and every guests are registered, either via a physical notation in our record books or through QR code using the MySejahtera App, which we urge you download for your further convenience. We believe that this is the responsible thing to do to ensure that we are able to notify your good selves for any future reference.

Temperature Recording

Upon registration, all our patrons’ temperatures will be taken, and anyone with a temperature of 37.5° and above will be refused entry. We do not intentionally want to refuse service to our patrons, but will be doing this to protect our existing patrons who are dining in. We kindly hope that our patrons understand that in these sensitive times, we have to take these necessary steps.


Upon temperature recording, you will be given a sticker to show that you have been properly registered. This is to ensure that our staff on premise are able to identify that you have taken the necessary steps and that you are safely dining with us.

Hand Sanitisers

Hand sanitisers are provided and each entry point and washrooms to ensure our patrons are able to clean their hands each time they are exposed to common surfaces. We highly encourage our patrons to use these hand sanitisers provided each and every time.

Physical Distancing

At the Marini’s Group, we are strongly enforcing our control measures, ensuring that patrons are seated one metre apart and distance between tables are two metres apart. When queueing, patrons must distance themselves according to the one metre line prepared at the premise. We also highly encourage our patrons to be seated at all times possible.

No Hand Shakes

As a strict internal guideline, we advise against body contact and handshakes between our staff and patrons to ensure that hygiene at every level is ensured. We seek the kind understanding of our patrons and we want to present the best dining experience and hope that this is not taken in the wrong context, and rest assured, we are here to serve you.

We hope that by doing the above we are able to deliver the experience you would expect when dining with us at any of our outlets at The Marini’s Group and that we are taking extra precautions to ensure our patrons are able to continue enjoying dining with us with their health and safety taken care of. We hope to see you soon.

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