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Savour The Delightful Flavours Of Asia: 5 Exotic Cocktails Infused With Eastern Influence

Savour The Delightful Flavours Of Asia: 5 Exotic Cocktails Infused With Eastern Influence


Savour The Delightful Flavours Of Asia: 5 Exotic Cocktails Infused With Eastern Influence

Relishing blissful sips of your favourite cocktails any day of the week has become an integral part of our modern lifestyle in KL, as treating yourself is increasingly important to give a sense of self-reward at the end of a long week. During times of celebration, it is all about raising a glass of divine beverage to accompany exquisite cuisine; a drink that is complex and carefully crafted with a perfect balance of alcohol and unique components, nurturing a vibrant spirit for the best of the night to come.

In a flourishing city like Kuala Lumpur, mixologists today have showcased their bartending skills by deftly whipping up their own creations, incorporating devious Asian influences and bold ingredients into their drink recipes. As this gives the local cocktail scene a truly distinctive identity, various original versions and deviations from the classics carrying a singular taste of Asia, now contain elements of sweet, sour, savoury and spice in harmonious collaboration.

Order them in your most preferred method; shaken, stirred, neat, on the rocks, or leave it up to the bartender’s creativity for a little surprise. With creative tipples you can discover these days, expect some of the most refreshing and imaginative cocktails with libations so extraordinary that it has become a dominating drink in the culinary scene.

While the old time classics like the margarita or the tropical pina colada remain appealing, fresh and electrifying Asian-inspired potations are creating a legacy of their own. By Marini’s brings us through a list of astounding cocktails that push traditional boundaries, bragging in flamboyant concoctions with hints of the East for your next party in town.

Exotic Cocktails With A Twist of Asia

Spending a night out is not just about ceaseless drinking anymore. Patrons are becoming more inclined towards splurging on luxury drinking experiences, with a higher demand for great quality cocktails in a top-notch locale. In the current mixology scene, Asian essences with powerful ingredients are now thrown into the mix, keeping the palate intensified for those seeking to venture into newly flavoured tipples.

Chili Martini Cocktail

Chili Martini Cocktail * Images are for illustrative purposes only.

Spicy cocktails should not be frowned upon, as we speak from sensational experience that it tastes better than it sounds. The Chili Martini is a fiery yet refreshing drink with a spicy kick from the feverish heat, with strong savoury notes to fuse together the outlandish flavours of Asia. The perfect cocktail for those who fancy spicy and sweet mixtures with balanced components of rich alcohol and flavours of chili.

Taste the rapturous spice with a Signature item on the drinks menu at Marini’s on 57, The Parrot – comprises of dark rum, Campari coffee, sliced chili, sweet pineapple juice, squeezed lime juice, and a swizzle of syrup.

Lemongrass Mojito

Lemongrass Mint Mojito Lemon Lime

* Images are for illustrative purposes only.

Mojitos are wonderful and a favourite the world over. Take it to the next level with a zing of fresh lemongrass stalk added to the tipple that works as an amazing treat, epitomising classic flavours of rum and mint. A beverage that evokes a relaxing summer by the beach – aesthetically vibrant, light in taste and superbly refreshing, it acts as the perfect thirst quencher for the balmy weather.

When you have a penchant for minty rum cocktails, delight over our irresistibly refreshing and authentic Mojito cocktails during the Sunset Hours at Marini’s on 57, a sensorial experience that takes you away to the Caribbean islands.

Jungle Bird

Jungle Bird Pineapple Dark Rum Tangy Cocktail* Image courtesy of

A weapon of choice for avid drinkers as this rosy tipple brings you a whole new catalogue of exotic cocktails in Asia. The Jungle Bird is Malaysia’s original creation from the 1970’s, a “tiki drink” ideal for those brave enough to take on its rhapsody of distinctive flavours; tangy and bitter with savoury notes. Outlined as an acquired taste, apropos of its palate-piquing flavour, Jungle Bird is described as the elaborate cocktail for a respite from hard work with your toes delving deep into the sands.

Discover the noteworthy twist of the The Jungle Bird, a genius reinvention by the expert mixologists of Marini’s On 57, where its adaptation combines a miscellany of delicious blends such as Campari, dark rum, pineapple juice and zesty lime juice. Relish the exotically tasty drink over the luxe establishment of The Marini’s Group, Marble 8, as the glamorous spot allows you to admire the pleasant city views amidst the green surroundings.

Korean Soju Cocktail

Korean Soju Cocktail

* Image courtesy of 10mag

South Korea’s most popular spirit, soju, is usually paired well when relished over an authentic Korean meal, such as BBQ or piping hot stews to break free from the piercingly cold weather. It comes clear and crisp with neutral aromas, marked as a highly potent substitute to the populace’s favourite vodka.

As the bitter notes of soju may be overpowering when drunk straight up, the invention of soju cocktail was born; a subtle version that meets the demand of those with sweeter taste buds. Needless to say, soju works as a striking base spirit, a new-fangled experience for cocktail enthusiasts.

Typically, you can find it with an interesting mix of effervescent and fruity elements, a sweet combination comprising of soju spirit, fresh fruits, soda and occasionally beer is added to the mix for a quick pick-me-up. Be prepared for an intensity of intoxication cleverly masked by a sugar rush when you order your first glass.

Singapore Sling

Singapore Sling Fruity Cocktail

* Images are for illustrative purposes only.

The Singapore Sling hits the spot for those who wish to deviate from an overpowering drink. A tall, elegant and glistening scarlet creation exudes an intermingling fruity blend with tasty bitters.

The gin-based cocktail perfectly defines the beautifully complex flavours of the previously known gin sling, that was later reinvented by a Hainanese bartender at Long Bar of Raffles Hotel Singapore in the early 1915s. Thereupon, the feminine Singapore Sling was first born and patrons began enjoying the charms of Singapore’s crimson libation.

Take an exotic trip with subtle yet seductive cocktails with influence of the East, only at the well-regarded establishment of Marini’s on 57.

Marini’s On 57: Drink & Mingle In Style

Signature Cocktails* Images are for illustrative purposes only.

As the sunlight gradually fades, the nightfall comes awake – presenting an opportunity to indulge in a sophisticated ambiance with a view of the magnificent skyscrapers of Kuala Lumpur. A joyous moment with handcrafted cocktails and a divine meal with your significant other, where glasses clink and dance moves are flaunted over upbeat tunes. Marini’s on 57 is a highly renowned destination that abounds with class, offering the finest edibles in Italian contemporary cuisine and delicious craft tipples unlike any other.

Refine your palate with Marini’s Signature cocktails such as Cilantro Sour, Mango To Tango, or The Sailor Shrub; artfully created by our in-house mixologist who will shake up a revolutionary concoction leaving you a memorable note. Walk into Marini’s on 57 and pamper yourself in a spectrum of luxury drinking, dining and entertainment for the most sumptuous evening of your life.

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