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The Secrets To A Happy Marriage Of Pasta And Sauce

The Secrets To A Happy Marriage Of Pasta And Sauce


The Secrets To A Happy Marriage Of Pasta And Sauce

Several shapes, many sauces, but always full flavour. Pasta dishes are simple yet versatile favourite; perfect for both your elegant everyday table or indulgent dinner at a smart Italian restaurant in Kuala Lumpur City. Whenever you feel like marrying up light delight with tasteful simplicity, go for that plate of pasta.

“The secret lies in the sauce.”
– Modesto Marini, Founder of The Marini’s Group

A good sauce, prepared with love and premium ingredients by experienced hands, makes all the difference in the world. But do not overlook the shape: mixing fusilli with ragu is quite different than serving spaghetti with ragu.

To experience the art of pasta and its delicate balance, be sure to reserve your seat at Marini’s on 57.

And now whet your appetite here with one of our Signature recipes, or scroll down to meet five of the happiest couples in the pasta world.

To Each Pasta Its Own Sauce

Italian Restaurant in KL

Falling in love can mean one or the other: pure love filled with joyous moments, or disagreeing in animosity that will lead to a bitter ending. The same applies to the union of pasta and sauce. They meet by chance, entwine in a dance on a white glittering plate, and the decision to continue the affair or end it is decided within the first few mouthfuls.

It is when the union is right that the taste thunders, intensifies, and skyrockets into a marriage that will last for centuries.

The award-winning chefs at Marini’s on 57, who specialised in contemporary Italian cuisine, have chosen for us the all-time Top 5 Pasta-Sauce Unions of time.

1. Tagliatelle alla Bolognese

Tagliatelle are long, thin ribbons of pasta. Similar to spaghetti, and they are typical of Bologna. Their colour can be either plain, or green when flavoured with spinach, chard or nettle. The tradition wants to have them with beef cooked in a sautéed mixture of butter, bacon and herbs, with the addition of broth, wine, tomatoes or tomato sauce, and milk. The exquisite broth of luscious beef and tangy tomatoes bring traditional yet flavoursome relish to your taste buds.

2. Spaghetti alla Carbonara

If there’s truly a one-size-fits-all type of pasta, it will be spaghetti. It goes well beyond the usual tomato sauce, and it can be used to make casseroles and stir-fry dishes too. Our award-winning chefs suggests to couple it with carbonara, the characteristic Roman sauce, and to add lard of your choice, eggs, pecorino and garlic for a sensation that will leave you speechless.

3. Bucatini all’Amatriciana

Being a straw-like pasta with a hollow running through the centre, bucatini are perhaps Lazio’s most iconic type of pasta that usually goes with the famous sauce amatriciana, which gets its name from a small Italian town, Amatrice. To prepare it properly you need your choice of lard, tomatoes, chilli pepper and pecorino. Prepare yourself for a burst of pure, elating zest.

4. Penne all’Arrabbiata

Produced in two main variants, smooth and furrowed, penne resemble a cylinder, and are great with a spicy sauce like arrabbiata. Arrabbiata’s main ingredients are fresh porcino mushrooms, beef bacon, tomatoes, parmesan and pecorino. Tickling your palate with this exciting combination will leave your mouth full of scrumptious joy.

5. Pappardelle al Cinghiale

Flat and wider than tagliatelle, pappardelle complement rich sauces, as cinghiale sauce, perfectly. The result is so memorable that you will be left waiting for the next opportunity to savour it.

If you want to plunge into this fantastic universe a little more, read our article about pesto variations.

Should you crave a chic Italian restaurant in KL now, visit Marini’s on 57 and try one of our Signature dishes, Capellini all’Aragosta.

The Renowned Capellini All’Aragosta

Italian Restaurant in KL

Ingredients For 4 People:

• 250 g of capellini
• 500 g of lobster
• 6 spoons of extra virgin olive oil
• 2 tomatoes
• 1/2 onion
• Salt
• Pepper


Fill a pot with water and, when it boils, place the lobster inside and boil it for eight minutes. Take the lobster off, put it aside and let it cool down.

Fill a second pot with water, boil it and add the salt. You will use this second pot later to cook the pasta.

In the meanwhile, peel the tomatoes, remove the seeds and chop them into small pieces. Now, cut the lobster through the middle and take the pulp out. Brown the thin-cut onions in four spoons of extra virgin olive oil, salt, pepper and tomatoes. After five minutes, add the lobster pulp and let it cook for further three minutes.

Cook capellini in the second pot and, when they are ready to be served, combine them with the sauce. Add two spoons of extra virgin olive oil and a pinch of pepper, and savour the richness.

If you prefer to taste the creations of true chefs from Italy, who have earned several accolades over the years, visit our one-of-a-kind Italian restaurant in KL for a plate of authentic Capellini all’Aragosta and an exquisite Montepulciano Coste delle Plaie, or trust our knowledgeable sommeliers, who know how to harmonise premium wine and flavoursome pasta.

Experience the wondrous flavour of our Signature Cappellini all’Aragosta dish immersed in a top-class environment with enchanting views of our beautiful city.

Marini’s On 57, Where Style Dwells

Italian Restaurant in KL

The music is just right, and the burning sunset unfolding before your eyes. While craving your pasta of choice to be served, the delicious aperitif you are sipping stimulates your appetite. This is the memorable experience that Marini’s on 57, a true Italian restaurant in KL, offers.

Our dishes are a whirlwind of authentic emotions and refinement:

  • Feel the breeze blowing from the sea, the calming sound of waves, the soft sand, a blast of feelings that gets you with every next mouthful of Tagliolini con Ricci di Mare e Aglio Nero.
  • Experience the green and peaceful Sardinia, with its woods and nuraghi, which welcomes you into its arms when you order Fregola con Cacciagione.
  • Indulge in Pappardelle al Tartufo and Capellini all’Aragosta, which are trendsetters when it comes to culinary exclusivity and novelty.

To meet your individual preferences, request a personalised tasting menu prepared by our five-star chefs, a menu that will stimulate your senses while you discover new culinary emotions.

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If you have ever had an extraordinary adventure with pasta and sauce, share it with us by leaving a comment below.

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