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Marini’s on 57 Sunset Hours Album Vol. 2 Launch Party turns the Kuala Lumpur City Skyline red

Marini’s on 57 Sunset Hours Album Vol. 2 Launch Party turns the Kuala Lumpur City Skyline red


Marini’s on 57 Sunset Hours Album Vol. 2 Launch Party turns the Kuala Lumpur City Skyline Red

A new era is setting on Kuala Lumpur’s nightlife scene, with late nights no longer being in vogue. Now, it’s all about the sunset hours, when the work-day ends and the sky is transformed from bright afternoon sunshine to a deep, multi-coloured vision of fiery-red hues.

As the sun sets over the horizon and day turns to night there’s no better place to be at than the highest rooftop bar, restaurant, and lounge in Kuala Lumpur City – sipping a signature cocktail with the best music spinning in the background by some of the most notable DJs in the country.

Marini's on 57 Sunset View

Breath-taking view of sunset

Marini’s on 57 has just released its second album: Sunset Hours Vol. Two, and with the release of the album featuring one of its producers Chris Coco, it  went off with a bang, as the lights of the Petronas twin towers illuminated and brought life to the city.

The launch party for Sunset Hours Album Vol. Two couldn’t have been more illustrative of the album itself, providing the perfect mix of sultry house music, signature cocktails and an elegantly decked bar that has been attracting Kuala Lumpur’s finest social set since its opening in July 2012.

Chris Coco as the DJ

Chris Coco himself keeping the guests enraptured with his music

Compiling tracks from across the globe, Chris Coco and Afterlife have created an album that encompasses a wide range of the best musicians, songwriters, music producers and composers in chill-out house music today. The new album builds upon the iconic electronic beat and house-chill vibe of Vol. One.

Marini’s on 57 Sunset Hours Album Vol. Two begins with Les Baxter’s sultry track Jungle Flower (Club des Belugas Remix). With its upbeat beginning this track gets heart-rates stirring and feet moving with the track’s steady transition to a slower, sultrier laid-back tempo – to complement the atmosphere in the bar as darkness settles across Kuala Lumpur and the city awakes.

Marini's on 57 Guests

Lively guests of Marini’s on 57

One noteworthy highlight within the new album is Jose Padilla, who first compiled and oversaw the life and breath of Sunset Hours Vol. One. Padilla’s track Mojame is dipping with jazz notes and has that singular ability to draw you back into a headspace of being at Marini’s on 57, or at least have you envisioning that you are there.

Finally this new album sees Marini’s on 57 get its own track, Sunset Hours (Marini’s remix), a heady track of smooth and yet distinctively airy tones that guests of Marini’s on 57 would agree sums up the ambience at Marini’s on 57 on any given evening.

Modesto Marini (third from the right) with his guests and wife

Modesto Marini (third from the right) with his guests and wife

In all the album breathes life and given the unprecedented international fan base Marini’s on 57 has gained in the past with the release of their first album, Marini’s on 57 Sunset Hours Vol. Two is set to go further and reach a wider fan base.

The bar was chatter-fuelled and there was no mistaking the positive ambiance everyone brought to the party. It also wasn’t a challenge to sight prominent figures, influential media, socialites and celebrities during the launch at Marini’s on 57. Inevitably a who’s who of Kuala Lumpur and neighbouring Asian cities flew in just for the night, as did some very distinctive international celebrities.

Uber, everyone’s private driver, was on hand to privately chauffer guests to and from the party, and Carlsberg made sure that no-one left the party thirsty.

Complementing the electric ambiance was Chris Coco, one of the compilers of the new album, while the free flow of champagne and imported wines and beers made it only more indulgent for guests as they attended one of the most notable nights in Kuala Lumpur.

Marini's on 57 Guests Enjoying Music

Guests of Marini’s on 57 enjoying the music

As dusk turned to evening, and evening to a blanket full of stars above a city dotted in sparkling lights, Marini’s on 57 once again continued to fulfil all expectations and had guests dancing the night away to an album dedicated to them.

Marini’s on 57 Sunset Hours Vol. Two was launched on the 9th of June 2015. It is available on iTunes here.

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