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Marini’s on 57 Launches Sunset Hours Album Vol.2

Marini’s on 57 Launches Sunset Hours Album Vol.2


Marini’s on 57 Launches Sunset Hours Album Vol.2

Why all major clubs need a music album: Sunset Hours by Marini’s on 57, a compilation by José Padilla

They say with good food comes good experiences, but throw in amazing music to the mix and extraordinary memories will be made to last a lifetime.

If music be the food of love, play on, give me excess of it. – Twelfth Night, William Shakespeare.

Not satisfied with being just another fine dining award winning establishment, Marini’s on 57 has sought to do more, and thus has continued to achieve great things. This has been exemplified in their ethos of having and serving only the best, from the freshest air-flown in ingredients, the housing and sale of the most extensive wine, whisky and cigar collection in the country, and carefully curated compilation of internationally renowned music geniuses, who have assembled the music soundtracks to their brand.

The first restaurant brand in Asia to create a dedicated album, Sunset Hours Vol.1 by Jose Padilla will soon be launching their second album Sunset Hours Vol. 2 by Chris Coco and Afterlife – during the 3rd anniversary of their celebrated Sunset Hours. Both volumes having been inspired by the iconic red sky which bathes the entire Kuala Lumpur City skyline during the ‘Sunset Hours’ of 5pm – 9pm, and the energy that it brings to the venue and its patrons.

Produced by Chill-out House legend Chris Coco and super-producer Afterlife (aka Steve Miller), Marini’s on 57 joins the likes of internationally known Buddha Bar, Café del Mar, Pacha and fabric once more with music specifically designed to complement your evening when you can’t always be at Malaysia’s highest iconic rooftop bar, but would like to keep feeling that way.

Marini’s on 57 Sunset Hours Vol. 2 features an eclectic range of tracks from artists A Forrest Mighty Black, Christian Prommer, Les Baxter, DF Tram, Suba, The Past Present Organisation and José Padilla – the creator of Balearic chill-out music.

Marini’s on 57 Sunset Hours Album Vol.2

José Padilla said that his intentions with Sunset Hours Vol.1 was to use the tracks in the album to weave it into what it felt like as a patron to be at Marini’s on 57. As an introduction to the lifestyle the brand portrays and some of the most amazing views, Sunset Hours Vol. 1 is the perfect complement to the brands initial two years as Malaysia’s highest rooftop bar, whisky & cigar lounge, and contemporary Italian Restaurant. The energy in the album is a mixture of statement pieces, fortified beats, and inspirational tunes. The perfect first album.

Heading up the backbone of Sunset Hours Vol.2 is Chris Coco and Afterlife. The second album being influenced by Chris Coco’s love of acid and chill-out house, as well as slo-mo disco, gets a touch of Balearic chill through Afterlife, to complement deeper, more electronic notes to reflect when the views changes during the hours of 5pm-9pm (aka the Sunset Hours). Unlike the first album, there’s a sense of establishment throughout the album. A sense of exactly what the brand portrays and what patrons have come to expect. Fans of the first album will be pleasantly surprised to find that each track hits home the way the tracks in the first album did. After three years at the top and still going strong, the music in this second album showcases this.

Chris Coco will be launching Sunset Hours Vol. 2 at Marini’s on 57 on June 9th 2015. The headline track will be “Sunset Hours (Marini’s Remix)”, produced by Coco and Afterlife. This track is said to capture the fluid ambience of an evening as you watch the world languidly go by at Marini’s on 57 – Kuala Lumpur’s highest rooftop bar, whisky & cigar lounge, and contemporary Italian restaurant. Because life at the top, is always better.

Chris Coco

Chris Coco

Just like the global music brands below, if the music is good, the fans will love it and you’ll achieve an immortality in music history long after the last drinks have been poured and the doors have closed for the final time.

Café del Mar

Café del Mar’s music legacy was born in the 1980s, and is now renowned globally for its chill-out compilations. Curated by Jose Padillo, his style of balearic ambient, easy listening music creates images of sipping fruity cocktails as the sun goes down into the Mediterranean ocean. Originally sold on site in Ibiza as cassettes it was only in 1994 that the first CD was launched, and now more than 20 volumes have been released – and they’re still as popular as ever.

Buddha Bar

Created in Paris in the 1990s, it was Buddha-Bar that further pioneered the concept of publishing their in-bar music for a wider audience. Claude Challe mixed world beats with traditional Balearic Island tunes and tens of albums later, the rest is history.


Those two sweet, little cherries are world-renowned, thanks in part to the management’s decision to create their own music albums, carefully-selected by the resident DJs that made their clubs in London and Ibiza so bumping. As a lifestyle brand Pacha is famous, and the bright-red cherries are on car bumper stickers, bags, t-shirts and pencil-cases all around the world.


Yes, the lowercase is deliberate. For a few years this London nightclub based in EC1 was the only place to finish a night, and with its clever idea to produce a record a week based on the visiting artist for the night it quickly gained cult status among the London music trend-makers. Its record label and printing press allowed fabric to sell CDs to its weekend patrons right in the club – and what better way to remember a sweaty night out in East London? From Techno to House to indie-rock or Hip Hop, fabric featured them all.



A complete experience

When you come to Marini’s on 57, you are not just looking to have a good meal, you are looking to have a great experience. With our carefully-curated album, you get just that, a fine dining experience layered with the perfect ambience and now, music. Reminiscent of the kind of night you would have at any luxury fine dining spot in New York, Ibiza or London, the fact that you have an amazing view to back it guarantees the sophistication and complexity you’re looking for.

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