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The Ultimate Ride For The Rich And Famous

The Ultimate Ride For The Rich And Famous


The Ultimate Ride For The Rich And Famous

Finally, the Saturday night you were yearning for has come. After spending a fair amount of time preparing and primping yourself, you are ready to hit the bustling nightlife of KL. Not surprisingly, once you go beyond your front door you know you’re going to be hit with a sudden heat wave, turning your previously glamorous ensemble into a clammy mess.

Obviously, walking doesn’t make it to the list of options for KLites. Most patrons of our cosmopolitan city possess their own vehicle, but taking your car isn’t always an option, there’s parking to think about, not to mention whether you should have the 2nd glass of wine.. So if not for walking or driving, how would one show up at a fancy restaurant or event?

Times have gone where you’re waving your arm up and down at the side of the road like an injured bird, trying to flag a cab. You don’t even have to bother calling 3 different taxi numbers anymore and wait 20 minutes for either 3 cars to arrive all at once without warning or none at all. You’re trying to have a good night, but as the seconds turn to minutes, to an hour, you’d be forgiven for thinking it’s easier to put on your PJ’s and settle down for a night in front of the TV.

Fortunately, this is no longer the real scenario thanks to the growth and popularity of taxi apps such as Uber, EzCab and GrabCar always available at your fingertips. These days, it is possible for you to comfortably order your chauffeur from home in just a few simple clicks. The car’s movements can be monitored in real time so you can allow yourself to step right outside just as it arrives. You also have various options of car types, so you can travel Perodua by day and Mercedes by night. Now you may be forgiven for assuming there is nothing better than arriving at your favourite elegant restaurant/club in a black, sleek Mercedes-Benz E-Class, but what if I was to tell you there’s another level of being chauffeured in luxury?

Get Ready For The Next LevelThe Ultimate Ride for the Rich and Famous

[Sean Connery in a scene from the movie ‘Goldfinger’]

Imagine avoiding the irritating evening traffic by simply flying over it, making your triumphant entrance to that red carpet event from a helicopter – in complete James Bond style, leaving everyone breathless. Helicopters are no news in big cities, the hassle stands in finding the right enterprise to hire one, but once found, scheduling a flight is certainly not a smooth process either.

The ultimate solution to this issue started three years ago in New York City by way of UberChopper, an on-demand helicopter provider to serve big events in NYC and all over the world (e.g. the celebre Cannes Film Festival and Coachella in California). Without travelling that far, GrabHeli was launched last year in the Philippines in some major cities, as well as UberChopper in Bali, Indonesia.

An Extravagant And Stylish Way To Go Around

What about Malaysia you say? Believe it or not, these deluxe on-demand helicopter services will be launched shortly as a trial in a number of cities all over the world, including Malaysia. At The Marini’s Group, we like to keep our fingers on the pulse we can disclose that, besides Uber, there are other local players ready to conquer our beloved Malaysian sky in 2016. Ascend will soon offer an app where you will be able to order your charter anytime you want; Ascend’s partner Cempaka, currently offers unscheduled private helicopter tours, and will support Ascend in propelling Malaysians to the skies.

So in 2016, forget all the hassle of getting a taxi and replace that with the idea of getting a notification saying “Hi, your chopper is now arriving!”. So break out your diary, it’s time to begin planning that perfect night in your calendar where you can take to the skies and leave the hubbub of the city behind, just don’t say goodbye for too long.

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